Milkha Singh’s fitness mantra: Eat half of what you are hungry for because diseases start in the stomach; If blood flows fast in the body, it will also shed diseases.

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Milkha Singh, who made many records, traveled from this world at the age of 91. Even after turning 90, his passion for fitness did not diminish. What fitness was important to him, he shared it during an event. He had said that change will come only through fitness. Whatever I am able to move, it is only because of physical fitness.

Milkha had said that I tell people to eat less, because all diseases start from the stomach. My opinion is that if you are hungry for four rotis, then eat two. As long as your stomach is empty, you will be fine. After this I would like to go to the playground for 10 minutes out of 24 hours is very important.

He had said- park, road.. go and walk fast for 10 minutes, jump a little, move your hands and feet. If the blood flows fast in the body, it will also shed diseases. You will never need to go to the doctor like me. It is very important to take ten minutes for health.

Know in his own words the speech given by Milkha to the youth in an event of Stars Tail…
“There were 3 sportsmen in my time. I was Lala Amarnath and Major Dhyanchand ji. One day I was talking to Lala Amarnath ji inside the National Stadium. He told me that he gets two rupees for playing a match and he has to travel in third class. How much has the situation changed now? Virat Kohli has so much money, Dhoni has so much wealth, Sachin is so rich. But then there was not much money.

A hockey player like Dhyan Chand ji has not been born in the world till date. When he was playing in the Berlin Olympics of 1936, Hitler told him that Dhyan Chand, you stay here, we will give you whatever you want. But Dhyan Chand Ji had said no, I love my country, I have to go back.

When I won the first gold medal at the 1958 Commonwealth Games, the Queen presented me with a gold medal. About one lakh Englishmen were sitting in the stadium, Indians were few and far between. As soon as the queen went wearing a gold medal, a woman in a sari who was sitting with the queen came running to me and said – Milkha ji .. a message from Pandit ji (Jawaharlal Nehru) has come and he has said that from Milkha Ask what they want.

Milkha Singh (left) in Army uniform with former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Milkha Singh (left) in Army uniform with former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Do you know what Milkha Singh asked for that day? Only one day off. If I had asked for anything from Panditji, I would have got it. But there is a sense of shame in asking. Then my salary was 39 rupees eight annas. I was a soldier in the army. We used to live there.

Today so much money has come in the game, so many latest equipments have arrived, so many stadiums have been built, but I am sad that no Indian player could reach the record set by Milkha Singh in 1960. is. I am sorry for this. Go ahead… we have everything.

Winning a medal in the Olympics is a different level of work. There players from 220-230 countries come and come with their full preparations. We come with emphasis that we have to win a medal in swimming, win a medal in football, win a medal in hockey. Athletics is considered the number one sport in the world. The world accepts the medal he takes in it.

Milkha Singh (right) during the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Milkha Singh (right) during the 1960 Rome Olympics.

The whole world knows Usain Bolt and says that he is a Jamaican player. Since India’s independence, only 5-6 players have reached the final but could not take the medal. I am one of them too. When someone brings a medal from there, then I will believe that a change has happened.

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