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Minor Wrestler’s uncle accused the wrestlers: said- Niece was made a Victim by pretending to give a job to his brother; Family dispute also came to the fore

Rohtak27 minutes ago

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The minor wrestler’s uncle has accused the wrestlers by holding a press conference.

In the Wrestlers and WFI dispute, the minor wrestler’s uncle has accused Sakshi Malik, Vinesh Phogat and other wrestlers. In a press conference in Rohtak, he said that what everyone is considering as a minor is wrong. Brother’s niece has been made a Victim by luring her with a job.

When SIT reached his house 10 days back, he came to know about it. The team told that his niece has been made a Victim by showing her a minor, while her niece is 19 years old. That’s why POCSO Act is not made. His mother is also in a bad condition after SIT’s inquiry. After this he talked to his brother and explained to him.

Along with this, he also appealed to the Khap Panchayats and farmer leaders not to spread anarchy by not getting carried away by the feelings of these false tears. The matter is going on in the court. The court itself will decide in the matter.

brother was given a job
His brother mentioned this about 4 months back. In which the director of Mahabir Akhara implicated his brother by making him a Victim in the name of job. His brother had told that his job would be arranged. To which he said that the job will be given on bringing the medal, not like this. After that there was no mention of this thing.

He got his niece to practice
The uncle said that he himself had taken his niece to the akhada. From January 2016, her niece started practicing by bringing her to the akhada. For about a year, she made her practice herself, but after that her brother started staying aloof and himself started making the girl practice. His niece has won many medals.

The ongoing dispute between the two brothers
At the same time, it has also come to light that a dispute is going on between the uncle and the father of the minor wrestler. It is believed that these allegations have been made due to this dispute.

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