Mismatched Fame Abhinav Sharma: I Got Asthma Attack When Shah Rukh Khan Was About to Die in Kal Ho Naa Ho | Exclusive

Abhinav Sharma kicked off his acting journey from Delhi. Born and raised in the capital, Abhinav was inclined towards acting right from his school and college days. After he took the decision to pursue acting, his family also appreciated the same, for which he went to Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. The actor who starred in OTT shows like The Office, Hello Mini, Campus Diaries and more, doesn’t want to glorify the struggles, especially from his initial days in the city of dreams – Mumbai.

In a conversation with News18, Abhinav Sharma, who was last seen in Mismatched 2, talked about how OTT platforms are providing artists with a fair chance to showcase their talents. He also shared that he has had his fair share of challenges in Mumbai, and is thankful that it all turned out to be good. The actor also talked about his affection for megastar Shah Rukh Khan.

Abhinav says, “There is a part of me that doesn’t want to glorify that (the struggles). Everyone is going through their own thing. Everything is so circumstantial and so subjective. Bombay is a tough city and it takes a lot from you. But, it’s also a city that gives you back so much. It gives you back with so much love. It gives you hope every single day. When it comes to struggles, yes, of course, there have been tough times, but there have also been some lovely times. Usually, as the cliche goes, there have been more failures than successes, there have been more rejections than acceptances – but that’s the journey we all go through. So, I don’t want to glorify that about my journey. But, I feel we all are going through our own share of struggles.”

Abhinav Sharma has worked in several OTT shows. When asked whether he felt that his talent would not have been acknowledged if it weren’t for the OTT, he says, “It’s a hypothetical situation. I’m scared to imagine this. The truth is the OTT spaces have given me whatever I’ve done till now. Not just me, but one of the best things OTT space has done is they have created employment for artists, technicians, for writers and for the industry as a whole. It feels so good, and it’s not just me. When it’s good writing, acting, script, and when it is a good team – I think it is always nice when we celebrate it, and it’s even better now these people are getting rewarded.”

“I feel the OTT space especially right now, is creating some really nice work. So, I don’t know what it would have been if the OTT space didn’t exist, but I know I would have worked hard and I would have given it my best,” he adds.

Hailing from Delhi, Abhinav studied at Hansraj College, the same college as Shah Rukh Khan. The actor, who is fond of the megastar, recalled he auditioned for the dramatics society and performed a scene from My Name Is Khan.

He recalls, “I did a scene from My name is Khan for the auditions. Also, when I was a kid and I was like 2 or 3 years old, I remember my Nani got me a Karaoke machine and to date they tell me that I used to only sing only Shah Rukh Khan’s songs. In the movie, there is this song ‘Dil’, I used to always sing that. My Nani told me that I used to dance to a lot of his songs. I remember when I was 13 or 14, I had asthma, and I was watching Kal Ho Naa Ho. I got an asthma attack when Shah Rukh Khan was about to die. My mother loves Shah Rukh Khan so much, that when we got out of the theatre, she said ‘Are you happy now? We missed the ending because of you.'”

He adds, “I love him so much. I think he is like a prayer. I think Shah Rukh Khan in his own essence is a prayer for many. Only love to him.”

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