Missing while talking on phone outside the house, family members fear kidnapping Teenager disappeared again at night in Kannauj: Report of kidnapping lodged by family members, police started in search of accused

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The family members have filed a complaint in this police station.

Once again in Kannauj, the case of the disappearance of a minor girl from the house has come to the fore. It was told that during the night, someone’s call had come on the girl’s mobile. She came out of the house talking and then disappeared. When the relatives came out and looked, they could not be seen. The girl was searched in the village, but nothing could be found of her. Regarding the matter, the father of the teenager has lodged a report of kidnapping by giving a complaint in Kotwali.

A farmer resident of a village in Sadar Kotwali area told that last night when someone got a call on his 14-year-old daughter’s mobile, she went out of the house while talking. When she did not come back home for a while, the family members went out and looked, but she was nowhere to be seen. Due to the apprehension of something untoward, the daughter was searched in the whole village, but nothing could be found of her. The girl’s father lodged a complaint with the police, alleging that she was kidnapped. On the basis of the Tahrir, the Kotwali police has registered an FIR for the kidnapping of the teenager and started searching for her.

Adolescent girls have been raped by kidnapping in Saurich and Indergarh

Cases of abduction and rape of minors have started increasing rapidly in Kannauj district. About 20 days ago, the incident of kidnapping and rape of a teenager from Saurich town has come to the fore. The whole episode was not even deciphered that till then the 14-year-old daughter of a farmer resident of a village of Indergarh police station area was nabbed from his house in the night. She was raped after being taken to the primary school outside the village. In this case, the police registered an FIR against a young man, but his arrest could not be made. After this, a girl resident of a village in Kannauj Sadar Kotwali area was abducted from outside the house. With these incidents happening continuously, question marks are being raised on the safety of the adolescent girls.

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