Mithun Chakraborty's son Namashi's pain: He said – I became an actor by working hard, but people like Ori are more famous than me.

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Mithun Chakraborty's son Namashi Chakraborty is sad that despite being the son of a big star, he is not famous. Namashi said that he worked hard for so many years. Gave auditions continuously and then finally got a chance to work in a film.

Namashi said that he finds it strange to see that at this time there are people like Ori who are more famous than him. Namashi said that a person has become quite popular just by taking selfies with people and posting them.

Let us tell you that Ori's full name is Orhaan Avatramani. Every day, Ori is seen partying with star kids or getting pictures clicked with his hand on the shoulders of some big celebs. According to Ori, he also gets money for posting these pictures.

I also exposed myself to paparazzi for a month
Namashi Chakraborty while talking to Bollywood Thikana said, 'I tried my best to expose myself to the paparazzi for a month. I used to get clothes clicked on rent, but got no benefit from it. I did not get any work from this. So I left it all.

The person asked- Are you Ori's friend?
Namashi further said- Let me tell you a story from last week. Was sitting at one place. A man present there asked me what do you do to earn your living. I told that I am the son of Mithun Chakraborty, apart from this I also act. He was shocked. He started scanning my social media accounts. He said you are not Ori's friend? I found this very strange.

The man who takes selfies is more famous
I started thinking, tell me, I struggled for three years in Aramnagar, Mumbai. How hard he worked to become a hero. Even I am the son of a very big star, and here a guy goes around taking selfies all day long. Surprisingly, he is more famous than me. Now feel like I should have been more spotted. I want to be as famous as Ori, but not for this kind of fame.

Namashi made his debut with Rajkumar Santoshi's film Bad Boy. This film was not very successful. Namashi said that the music of the film was not promoted as much as it should have been. Namashi said that the film also suffered losses due to the pandemic.

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