MLA RK Verma Pratapgarh Latest News Updates. Apna Dal MLA RK Verma Supporters Beat Toll Plaza Workers In Prataptgarh Uttar Pradesh | The MLA of the Apna Dal beat toll personnel with security guard-supporters; Said – drunk people had committed indecency

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In front of MLA RK Verma, his gunners and supporters beat up the toll workers.

  • MLA RK Verma was going to Prayagraj
  • Toll paid off with the car of his convoy

A case of hooliganism of Apna Dal MLA RK Verma has come up in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that the gunmen and supporters of MLA Verma rushed and beat the toll workers at Ramphalnari toll plaza located on Pratapgarh-Prayagraj border. The barrier was also forcibly broken. CCTV of this development has also come to light. At the same time, the MLA in the case while clarifying, has accused the toll workers of indecency in the state of intoxication.

Uproar for half an hour, MLAs left without paying toll

Actually, Dr. RK Verma, MLA from Vishwanathganj seat was going to Prayagraj on Saturday evening at around seven o’clock. But his car was stopped at the toll plaza at Mauaima police station. It was said that his car had an old pass. The MLA was furious on this. Sensing the mood of the MLA, his supporters and security guards got down from the car and started abusing the toll workers. When the toll workers protested, they ran and beat them. There was an uproar at the toll plaza for half an hour. After this, the MLA left the car without paying toll.

Toll workers Abhishek Kumar, Gagan Singh, Azad Singh, Sarvendra Yadav were injured in the beating. Toll manager Deepak Singh has given a complaint in this regard at the Mauaima police station. On which the police have given the assurance of proper action after investigation.

Supporters of MLA assaulting toll personnel.

Supporters of MLA assaulting toll personnel.

MLA said – Toll workers drunk for indecency

At the same time, MLA RK Verma says that the common man is mistreated by the toll plaza personnel. On Saturday evening, as they were going to Prayagraj, the toll workers were sitting drinking. Refuse to pass my car. When I came down, some people started abusing me. If the security personnel were not with me, then the toll workers would have beaten me. I will complain to the higher officials.

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