Model booth will tell glorious history in Unnao India’s glorious history will be displayed at 29 booths, 6 women booths will be named after great women of the country | The heroic saga of the national heroes will be told at 29 booths, 6 women will tell about the great women at the booths

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  • Model Booth Will Tell Glorious History In Unnao India’s Glorious History Will Be Displayed At 29 Booths, 6 Women Booths Will Be Named After Great Women Of The Country

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Polling booth to tell the saga of national heroes.

Model booths will also be set up to spread awareness about voting in Unnao. In these, voters will be made aware of history. Chief Development Officer Divyanshu Patel said that 6 women booths have been set up in the district, which are named after 6 great women. These booths will be decorated in a better way. In these pictures of great women who have worked in a new direction for the country will be displayed. 29 model booths have also been set up for voting. In which 29 events after independence have made India proud. Booths have been made depicting those incidents pictorially.

Model booth will tell glorious history

Let us tell you that IS Divyanshu Patel has identified some special booths. In which there will be 6 booths which will be named after 6 great women like First Lady IAS First Doctor, First Lady, founder of the school, Kalpana Chawla, Laxmi Bai Begum, booths will be made in the name of great women like Hazrat Mahal. At the same time, their inspirational words will also be engraved by putting up banner posters. At the same time, 29 such model booths will also be prepared in which 29 incidents after India’s independence have brought pride to India. He will make people aware of each booth with the details and photo of that incident, which is such an event which has brought pride to India. The proposal to make such a booth was placed in front of Lucknow’s commissioner Ranjan Kumar. So he also praised this initiative of IAS Divyanshu Patel.

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