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Monsoon 101: Your Rainy Season Wishlist Is Here – News18

Monsoon 101: Your Rainy Season Wishlist Is Here – News18

As the first drops of monsoon rain hit the landscape, the scorching heat of June fades away. The rain brings happy faces, beautiful weather, and a peculiar petrichor with it. The rainy season brings a much-needed respite from the summer heat, inviting us to slow down and savour the simple joys of life. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, sipping on a steaming cup of tea, or taking a leisurely walk in the rain, monsoons have a unique way of rejuvenating our spirits. Here we’ve curated the ultimate rainy season wishlist to help you embrace and enjoy every moment of this enchanting time of year.

Sip in style with Lucaris Lavish Crystalware

As the monsoon rains descend, creating a symphony of pitter-patter on your window pane, elevate your evenings with Lucaris Lavish crystalware. This exquisite collection is a stylish statement that artfully combines refined Asian culture with classical simplicity to deliver luxurious crystalware with a modern scent.

The Lavish series boasts the finest crystals, meticulously crafted to deliver a brilliant presentation for your favourite whiskey. Choose from the classic rock glass or the bigger double rock glass—perfect for neat pours or whiskey on the rocks, whatever your mood.

Imagine the gentle caress of a cool monsoon breeze as you raise a glass crafted with the rich heritage of Asian artisanship. The sleek, rounded design of the Lavish rockware nestles comfortably in your hand, while the crystal gleams with a modern elegance. Each sip becomes an experience, a luxurious escape from the everyday, as you savour the full depth of your chosen whiskey.

Every detail, from the sparkling crystal to the cool design, makes Lavish a must-have for any monsoon night. So, this monsoon, skip the boring and embrace something special with Lucaris Lavish.

Double up on comfort with Ocean Doppio

The monsoon brings a cosy chill, perfect for curling up with a hot cup of coffee or tea. But keeping your drink toasty while the rain falls outside can be tricky. Don’t worry, coffee and tea lovers, Ocean Doppio is here to save the day.

Made with mouth-blown, double-walled borosilicate glass, Doppio boasts exceptional insulation. Your favourite hot beverage will stay piping hot, while the outer layer remains cool to the touch. This clever design also reduces condensation, providing a comfortable grip even on the chilliest monsoon days. But Doppio is not just for hot drinks. The double-wall keeps iced coffee and tea refreshingly chilled for longer, making it perfect for every beverage. On top of that, Doppio is super easy to clean—it is dishwasher and microwave safe—thanks to the tough borosilicate glass.

Beyond functionality, Doppio elevates your coffee or tea experience with its visually stunning design that creates the illusion of your beverage floating within the glass, adding a touch of elegance to your daily ritual. Don’t let the monsoon disrupt your perfect cup. Choose Ocean Doppio and savour your favourite coffee or tea, any time of day.

Be Monsoon Ready with Floatz by Bata

Monsoons can be fun & off-putting at the same time due to the damp weather. Ensuring you never have to deal with that uncomfortable feeling of having your feet trapped in dampened footwear, Floatz by Bata is here with the newest range of trendy clogs, sliders, flip-flops that are super comfortable, water-proof & skid-resistant. The collection promises you the perfect blend of style and functionality. Available in fun & bright colours this stylish footwear adds an exciting twist to your monsoon ensemble. Visit your nearest Bata store or to add this perfect combination of style and functionality to your monsoon wardrobe!

Modicare Urban Color London Stardust Eyeshadow

Embrace the magic of the monsoon and let your eyes sparkle with our trendsetting Urban Color London Stardust Eyeshadow. This season, metallic eyeshadows are taking the beauty world by storm, perfect for adding a touch of glam to your rainy day look. Our Urban Color London Stardust Eyeshadow is here to add a touch of magic to her look, blending pearls and glitter just right for a stunning lustrous shine and metallic sheen. With its innovative lightweight gel texture, the application is a breeze and it sets smoothly, ensuring maximum shimmer with minimal fallout – talk about impressive! You can adjust the intensity to your preference with its buildable and blendable formula, wearing it alone or as an eyeshadow topper. With five captivating shades to choose from – Misty Star, Glam, Glitzy, Sparkle, and Magic Touch – our Stardust Eyeshadow is priced at just MRP Rs. 1250/-. Get ready to dazzle and shine bright like a star!

Turn Raindrops into Prisms with Colorbar’s Starlight Wand Mascara

Brighten up your monsoon makeup game with Colorbar’s Starlight Wand Color Mascara, the ultimate rainy day essential! This playful mascara brings the magic of vibrant hues to your lashes, dipping every flutter of yours into a splash of colour. With seven dazzling shades—from electric blues to bold burgundies and sparkling glitters—your eyes will steal the show, even under cloudy skies. The clustered wand ensures smooth, even application for envy-inducing length and volume, while the water-resistant formula keeps you looking fabulous from dawn to dusk. Plus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free! So, grab this magic wand and let your lashes reflect the seven colours of the spectrum with every drop of rain!

ASICS Gel Venture 9

For monsoons ASICS Gel-Venture 9 Waterproof sneaker proves to be the quintessential choice. These shoes have amplifoam technology for better cushioning and are built to keep your feet dry and comfortable in the rain. Its waterproof upper ensures that no water seeps in, while the GEL technology cushioning system absorbs shock and provides support. The outsole features an advanced traction pattern, offering durability and superior grip, making it suitable for both rugged trails and city streets.

Price: INR 4199

Hydration IV

This monsoon ditch the usual and stay hydrated and energized with Hydration I.V. by AV Organics. This advanced, fizz-free drink mix is perfect for this monsoon. Packed with electrolytes and essential vitamins, it helps in recovering faster and feel best throughout the day. Made with natural ingredients and zero artificial colors or flavors, it is a perfect refreshment as it helps replenish essential electrolytes lost through sweat during the humid monsoon weather. Choose from four delicious flavors and various pack sizes to suit your needs.

Price: INR 240 (Pack of 6)

Monsoon Hydration Must Haves

Stay hydrated during the monsoon with Tata Gluco+, a refreshing glucose-based drink enriched with fruit juice and iron. Perfect for on-the-go, its unique cup format offers a delightful gulp-down experience. For an energy boost, try Say Never Energy Drink. Priced affordably, it comes in invigorating Red and Blue variants, ideal for those who chase their dreams.

Tata Gluco+ is a delightful glucose-based ready-to-serve drink that combines the goodness of fruit juice and iron. This affordable option for on-the-go hydration comes in a highly differentiated cup format, providing a unique gulp-down experience that stands out from other beverages.

Say Never Energy Drink, priced at an affordable Rs. 10 for a 200 ml cup format, is crafted for individuals who embody the spirit of relentless determination and unwavering resilience. The Energy Drink offers two invigorating variants: Red and Blue, each designed to provide a much-needed boost of vitality to those who dare to chase their dreams.

Textures by Clay Craft

Add a touch of elegance to your rainy season wish list with JCPL by Clay Craft’s TEXTURES collection, India’s first ceramic digital printed tableware. Perfect for the HoReCa industry, this collection blends tradition with innovation. Featuring classic and modern designs, each piece is crafted using AI and state-of-the-art digital printers to create intricate, textured surfaces. Inspired by textures like Ground, Aroma, Soil, and Sway, these fine porcelain pieces immerse you in the elegance of the Renaissance.

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