More than 1500 boats-barges booked in Varanasi for Dev Deepawali, hotel rooms around Ganga Ghats full | Hotel rooms around Ganga Ghats are full, none of the steamers are empty

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In view of Dev Deepawali, all small and big boats and barges plying in the Ganges in Kashi have been booked.

Dev Deepawali will be celebrated in Varanasi on the day of Kartik Purnima on November 19. Tourists come not only from every corner of the country, but also from different countries of the world to see the world famous Dev Deepawali of Ganga Ghats of Kashi. Dev Deepawali also proves to be very helpful in giving boom to the economy of Kashi. This can be gauged from the fact that Dev Deepawali is on 19th November.

However, on the morning of 17 November, not a single one of the more than 1500 small and large boats, barges and steamers is empty. At the same time, rooms of more than 175 hotels, lodges and dharamshalas falling within 500 meters of Ganga Ghats from Assi to Raj Ghat are also not vacant. The same is true of hotels, dharamshalas and lodges located in the Cantonment area away from the Ganga Ghats and in front of the Cantt railway station.

Booking from 15 thousand to 3 lakh
Sailor Deepak Sahni, who was present at Assi Ghat, told that the small boats which run by hand and in which 6 to 7 people can sit, their booking has been done for about 15 to 20 thousand rupees. Boats with engines and in which about 25 people can sit, they have been booked for 50 to 75 thousand rupees. Barges from small to big have been booked for 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakh rupees. Boats and barges will be decorated with skirts on the day of Dev Deepawali. Deepak said that there would hardly be any sailor left now. Whose boat has not been booked.

Boats parked at Assi Ghat.  On the day of Dev Deepawali, there will be no place to set foot on the Ganges Ghats and no boat will be found empty.

Boats parked at Assi Ghat. On the day of Dev Deepawali, there will be no place to set foot on the Ganges Ghats and no boat will be found empty.

All three cruises full, 12 thousand rupees per person fare

Deepak Sahni said that it is such a day of the year on which Ganga Maiya gives a good opportunity to her sons to earn and people also give money with their hearts with laughter. The appeal to the sailors is that everyone should keep life jackets in their boats. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol and cooperate with the police-administration. On the other hand, in all the three cruises running in the Ganges, the fare is 12 thousand rupees per person. Vikas Malviya, associated with cruise operations, said that this is a good opportunity after the Corona period. All three cruises are full and there is no space left in them.

Booking was done a month in advance

Gokul Sharma, president of The Banaras Hotel Association, said that in view of Dev Deepawali, the rooms of the hotels were booked almost a month in advance. People coming from outside mostly search for hotel rooms in the vicinity of Ganga Ghats. This Dev Deepawali will act as a big life saver for the hotel business lying lifeless for almost 2 years. After the first wave of Corona, Dev Deepawali was celebrated in Kashi last year as well, but this time the enthusiasm of the devotees and tourists was not shown. It is expected that in this season of tourists, everything will be good in the same way in future also.

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