More than 2 lakh laborers get employment from baking furnaces, angry due to lack of rate hike | More than 2 lakh laborers get employment from cooking furnaces, angry due to lack of rate hike

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The strike of mouth blowing factories in Firozabad has not even ended properly that now the crisis of strike on the bangle industry has started deepening. The workers associated with the bangle industry have announced a strike from April 20 to demand increase in wages.

Firozabad has more than 100 cooking furnaces
There are more than one hundred cooking furnaces operating in the city. After decoration, the bangles are cooked in the furnace. In this, more than two thousand laborers work as bangle baking in three shifts inside a factory. The wages of the workers have not been increased by the employers for the last several years, due to which there is a lot of resentment among the workers.

Union President Nemichandra Prajapati has said that many times demand letters have been given to the Labor Department regarding the problem of bangle workers. In September 2021, it was agreed to increase the rate in tripartite talks before the Assistant Labor Commissioner. Even after this, the furnace owner is not ready to increase the wages. Labor leaders have decided to boycott work from April 20.

The bangle industry is going through difficult times
The bangle industry of Firozabad is passing through difficult times these days. After natural gas and chemicals are expensive, bangles are hit by inflation. More than 30 factories across the city are already closed due to inflation. Labor leader Bhuri Singh Yadav said that a demand letter has been given to the labor department regarding the problem of bangle-cooking laborers. Talks are being called on Saturday by the Assistant Labor Commissioner regarding the rate hike of laborers. After that further decision will be taken.

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