More than 300 staff infected in Lucknow: 30 killed so far, 12000 employees still waiting for vaccine | More than 300 staff infected in Lucknow Municipal Corporation: 30 killed so far, 12000 employees still waiting for vaccine

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In sanitation work in Lucknow

About 30 employees working in the municipal corporation in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, have died of corona and more than 300 employees have been infected. Many people in the family have also died due to corona. The state government says that along with the health department, the employees of the corporation are also frontline workers but all this is limited to papers only.

According to the information, 12 thousand employees have not been able to get the vaccine even after continuous death. While there are close to nine thousand sanitation workers and a sanitation team of one thousand employees. Which works all the time under the threat of infection. But they too are not getting the facility of vaccine. Municipal authorities have installed the vaccine themselves. In this, many people have also got the staff working with them vaccinated.

Contract workers do not get vaccinated
7 to 12 thousand rupees and the contract workers are waiting for the vaccine to be vaccinated. The situation is that the corporation’s employee organizations also end the matter by making a demand on the departmental WhatsApp group for Khanapurti. Apart from the municipal corporation, people of the capital are also being harmed due to the increase in the number of infected employees. Apart from making birth and death certificates, many works including cleanliness are being affected. The situation is that regular garbage is not getting up in many areas of the city.

Regular ones out on vacation

The situation is due to the lack of a vaccine, due to fear that regular employees have gone on leave. A senior official of the department said that the number of regular sanitation workers is around three thousand. Most of it has gone on holiday. But the people working on contract cannot even go on leave. His salary is deducted. In such a situation it is difficult to run a house. The situation is that the corona itself, in charge of the city’s cleanliness and health department, has been infected. Due to this, proper monitoring is also not being done.

What do the officials say
Lucknow city commissioner Ajay Kumar Dwivedi said that the infection has increased in the municipal corporation, but despite this, an effort has been made to keep the system of sanitation and sanitation in the city in order. A corona check will be conducted for all employees of the corporation. Talked to CMO. In this, an employee with a negative will be called to work.

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