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More Than Just Food: Zomato Employee’s Wheelchair Is Viral For All The Right Reasons

Last Updated: May 04, 2023, 12:57 IST

The motorised wheelchair works similar to a scooter. (credits: Reddit/u/darkrom_BP08)

The clip has evoked an emotional response from Reddit users, with many expressing the need for more affordable options for such vehicles.

Sometimes all you need to get through your day is a dose of wholesome social media content. There are a number of videos on every platform that show a person’s determination to go about life in spite of all odds. This time, a clip featuring a Zomato employee is making waves on the Internet. Wondering why? The clip shows one of Zomato’s workers using a motorised wheelchair to get around. The specially-abled person showed the person recording the video how the wheelchair operates just like a scooter. The clip was dropped on Reddit with the caption, “Wheelchair attachable bike”.

The clip shows the specially-abled person approaching the motorised half of his vehicle. He attaches his wheelchair to the motorised portion and explains how it operates on a battery. The Zomato employee then takes a turn around the location to show how well his vehicle works.

No, we are not crying over the video, you are. Reddit users were left emotional on viewing the clip, with several advocating for making such motorised vehicles more affordable. “I think we owe wheelchair users to make this a safe and affordable and available thing,” a comment read.

Many wrote that such wheelchairs are very expensive and cannot be possible for everyone. “They are available, but not all that cheap”.

Others suggested special bike lanes for such vehicles. “Should probably come with protected bike lanes to help sort things out for everyone,” a user wrote.

“That’s brilliant! Why aren’t these available everywhere?” an individual asked.

Some were far more concerned about where the wheelchair could handle “Hope he’s got the right bearings and an axle that can handle that rpm.”

This is not the only time that a video of a Zomato employee has made social media emotional. Previously, an employee of the company was seen riding a similar motorised wheelchair on the streets.

When he realised he was being recorded, the man said that one should never lose hope in life. The video of the man’s determination to work in spite of his physical disability made users laud his spirit. Many also asked that more such wheelchairs be made available to people who need them.

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