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Morocco Earthquake: Here’s a Look at the Deadliest Quakes Over the Past 25 Years – News18

Last Updated: September 10, 2023, 06:52 IST

A man stands next to a damaged hotel after the earthquake in Moulay Brahim village, near the epicentre of the earthquake, outside Marrakech, Morocco, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023. (AP)

Deadliest earthquakes in the past 25 years, with devastating impacts and high death tolls. Morocco’s recent quake claims over 2,000 lives

The earthquake that struck Morocco late Friday has killed more than 2,000 people, with the death toll expected to increase as rescuers struggle to reach some areas. Here’s a look at the deadliest earthquakes over the past 25 years:

Sept. 8, 2023: In Morocco, a magnitude 6.8 temblor kills more than 2,000 people.

Feb. 6, 2023: In Turkey and Syria, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake kills more than 21,600 people.

April 25, 2015: In Nepal, more than 8,800 people are killed by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake.

March 11, 2011: A magnitude 9.0 quake off the northeast coast of Japan triggers a tsunami, killing more than 18,400 people.

Jan. 12, 2010: In Haiti, over 100,000 people are killed by a magnitude 7.0 quake. The government estimated a staggering 316,000 dead, but the scale of the destruction made an accurate count impossible.

May 12, 2008: A magnitude 7.9 quake strikes eastern Sichuan in China, resulting in over 87,500 deaths.

May 27, 2006: More than 5,700 people die when a magnitude 6.3 quake hits Indonesia’s Java island.

Oct. 8, 2005: A magnitude 7.6 earthquake kills over 80,000 people in Pakistan’s Kashmir region.

Dec. 26, 2004: A magnitude 9.1 quake in Indonesia triggers an Indian Ocean tsunami, killing about 230,000 people in a dozen countries.

Dec. 26, 2003: A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits southeastern Iran, causing more than 20,000 deaths.

Jan. 26, 2001: A magnitude 7.6 quake strikes Gujarat in India, killing as many as 20,000 people.

Aug. 17, 1999: A magnitude 7.6 earthquake hits Izmit, Turkey, killing about 18,000 people.

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