Mosque donates land for temple pathway

In a display of communal camaraderie, a mosque near Kondotty donated a part of its land to construct a pathway to a temple.

It was a moment of celebration for the people of Muthuvallur panchayat the other day when the civic body chief Ahamed Saghir inaugurated the newly constructed pathway to the Bhagavathi Temple near Kozhikkodan Moochithadam colony.

Although the temple perched on a tiny hill was more than 40 years old, it did not have proper access to it. The temple managers approached the Parathakkad Juma Masjid committee requesting their help to get a pathway.

The mosque committee members decided to donate the land required for the pathway. However, with an assurance from the grama panchayat about constructing concrete steps to the temple, the mosque committee handed over the land to the panchayat.

“The panchayat promptly built the pathway and helped the people living in the colony to reach their place of worship without difficulties,” said Shihab Edakkad, mosque committee secretary.

The panchayat constructed steps at 115 metre length and handed the pathway over to the people of the colony.

“Such acts of communal camaraderie and coexistence should inspire the people,” said Mr. Shihab.

Temple priest Babu C.U. said, “Now, everyone can reach the temple without taking any strains. It is a blessing not only for the temple, but for the people of this colony.”


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