mother, father and sister eat poison due to police harassment in Bijnor | Tired of police harassment in Bijnor, mother, father and sister ate poison, referred to Meerut in critical condition

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Frustrated by police harassment, mother, father and sister consumed poison. He was then brought to the hospital in an ambulance.

Tired of police harassment in Bijnor, three members of the same family have consumed poison. All three were rushed to the government hospital. Where the doctor has referred him to Meerut in a serious condition. It is being told that the boy of the victim’s family had fled with a girl from the neighboring village. Since then the police was interrogating the family. Frustrated, the family consumed poison on Thursday morning.

Victim’s son absconding with minor girl

The matter is being told of Narayanpur village of Mandawar police station area of ​​Bijnor. Where Dharampal’s son Ravi was having an affair with a girl from a nearby village. Three days ago, Ravi ran away with the girl. When the girl’s family came to know about this, they reached the police station. It is being told that the absconding girl is still a minor. Because of this, the police also swung into action.

If police harassment was not tolerated then poison was eaten

The economic condition of Dharmapal is not very good. The second son of Dharampal, who accompanied the victims to the hospital, told that I work as a laborer. The police had been coming home for several days. Was repeatedly taken to the police station but I did not know that father would consume poison. Now I am taking them to Meerut.

Policemen wanted to rape sister

Nephew Sheeshpal told that twice in three days the policemen have picked up the family members. They used to beat him at home. While the officer was also threatening to rape the sister. Because of which father Dharampal, mother Jaggo and sister Ravita have consumed poison. Sheeshpal said that the guilty policemen should be punished.

Panchayat has been done on this matter

Village head husband Sanjeev Kumar told that on June 7, Dharampal’s son Ravi had absconded with a girl from a nearby village. Panchayat in this matter was held 2 days ago. Which did not yield any result. Because the family members of the girl, Dharampal and his family were demanding to give their daughter immediately. Meanwhile, the Mandawar police, who reached the panchayat, picked up Dharampal and took him with him. The police harassed and humiliated Dharampal but released Dharampal late in the night on the pleas of some villagers. He had also warned that if his son did not return the girl, he would send her to jail along with the family. Disturbed by this, Dharampal consumed poison with the intention of killing himself and the entire family.

Police engaged in protecting itself

Due to pressure on the family members of the youth regarding the recovery of the girl, the police got involved in their defense as soon as the matter of mass suicide came to the notice. It is said that the police has immediately registered a case on behalf of the girl’s family members. Earlier, the police had put pressure on the family members of the youth without registering a case. The villagers are angry with the working style of the police.

allegations are being investigated

There was a panchayat of both the parties a day ago that the young man would get the girl married. Therefore, no complaint was lodged for not taking any legal action. The police did not take Dharampal into custody. The police have registered a case on behalf of the girl’s family. The allegations leveled by the family members of the youth are also being probed.

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