Mother-son killed, two injured, referred to Kanpur, police engaged in investigation. Mother-son killed, two injured, referred to Kanpur, police engaged in investigation

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An unknown vehicle and an auto collided head-on near Chapartala Pulia of Tervakulli on Bilgram Kannauj Road in Hardoi district. In which the mother along with the child died. There two people were seriously injured. Who has been sent to the district hospital Kannauj.

Bilgram was going to Kannauj after taking an auto ride from Terva Kulli near Chapartala Pulia on Kannauj Road. Renu Devi, wife of Jitendra Pal, a resident of Madhaganj police station area, and her son Yas died on the spot due to a face-to-face collision between an auto of an unknown vehicle coming from Kannauj. At the same time, two people have been referred to the district hospital in critical condition. The incident was informed to Mallawa Kotwal Sheshnath Singh.

Raghopur outpost incharge Balendra Mishra reached the spot and sent the injured to Kannauj. According to the injured’s Aadhaar card, Dheeraj Sharma is a resident of Miyaganj Kannauj. Jitendra told that he was going to Delhi with his wife. Thirva was going to Kannauj by sitting on an auto from Kulli. That’s why Terwa was coming from the front due to auto overtaking on Chapartala bridge ahead of Kullu. An unknown vehicle collided head-on. In which Jitendra resident Manimau, Tapnaur police station Madhoganj’s wife and her child died. After informing the family members, Jitendra called his private vehicle and went to the hospital. On the other hand, Dheeraj Sharma and an unknown were sent to Kannauj District Hospital by ambulance. Sona Singh from Kotwal told that the relatives of the deceased have taken the dead body to their home. The information about the incident has been given to the police in Madhouganj.

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