Mother’s Day 2022: 8 tips for aspiring mompreneurs to help scale their businesses to greater heights

Mothers are the most responsible creatures globally, and there is nothing like a mother running a business. Contrary to the belief that women cannot do justice to their work post having a baby, mothers contribute 100% to something they make – their baby or business. So, if you are a new mom on sabbatical and now thinking of starting your venture, here are some tips that might help you.

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Discover what you like: This is the first thing you need to figure out. You need to understand what you like and what you want to do to give your 100% to it. So, talk to yourself and the people around you, research and finalize a business you want to venture into.

Be ready to take the bumpy ride: Owning your own business is as challenging as having your baby. No two days will be the same. Some days will be easy; some days will be tough. Be prepared for whatever is coming to you.

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—ย  Always plan ahead: Just like you manage your home and baby by understanding what might come next, you can also try that for your business. It is not essential to always stay on the computer and work 24×7. You can plan and spend the rest of the time with your family.

Stay hydrated and take care of your health: Owning a business can be stressful sometimes, but you have to keep going while taking care of your kid. However, you must understand the importance of taking care of your health as; if you take your health lightly, everything will start falling apart.

Normalising taking breaks: It is okay to pause for a while when needed. Do not feel guilty if you need to take care of your kid or devote extra time to the family.ย 

Involve your kids: You can involve them in your business if your kids are old enough. You can give them some responsibilities as per their comfort and see how they perform. This will help you spend more time with them and also help them broaden their perspective from an early age.

Plan some rewards for yourself: Positive reinforcements always work as an excellent motivation to work. So, plan something special for yourself – a day at the spa, some shopping day, a nice meal, etc., whenever you accomplish a task.

One thing at a time: Do not try to take on a lot of tasks simultaneously. Get to one thing and give your best. Indulging in many things simultaneously might affect productivity as a whole.

All these tips will help you keep a work-life balance and help you run your business more efficiently.

This article has been written by Mr. KD Kuldeep Singh, Business Coach


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