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Mother’s Day 2023: Young Indian Daters Reveal Their Mother’s Reactions To Online Dating

With the advent of technology, dating apps, and social media, it’s easier than ever to meet new people and connect with potential partners (Image: Shutterstock)

Mother’s Day 2023: Survey shows that 37% of the mothers of GenZ daters are comparatively okay with their kids dating online

Things have changed in terms of love and relationships, and it has been particularly challenging for parents of young daters to comprehend and accept the various methods people find love in today’s world. In the run up to Mother’s Day, the Indian dating app QuackQuack ran a survey among 10,000 participants attempting to understand how Indian mothers have been reacting to online dating. Participants in the poll range in age from 20 to 35 and come from both tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Ravi Mittal, founder and CEO, says, “Mothers are usually known to be skeptical about online dating, and rightfully so, as we all are about anything new. From about 35 million chats per month, we see conversations about how our users’ mothers, in fact, parents, are beginning to see online dating as just another way to find love, and this we mostly notice among parents of GenZ daters and parents of more mature daters, ideally between 28 and 35 years.”

The modern moms

The survey shows that 37% of the mothers of GenZ daters are comparatively okay with their kids dating online, provided they are being safe and careful about it. Finding love and investing time in dating, online or otherwise, is something these mothers find as an expected component of life. But not at the cost of ruining one’s academics and jeopardizing their career.

Initial concerns

When asked about the reaction of their mothers upon finding out about their recent endeavors in finding love, 22% of daters from tier 1 cities revealed their mothers having issues with their love lives initially, especially with online dating. But gradually, they came to terms with how the world of love and romance is ever-changing.

It’s a No!

Around 17% of women between 22 and 25 said their mothers are dead against dating, online or offline, and it is likely because these women are in their prime in terms of academics and careers. 12% of these daters went ahead to say that had it been their mothers’ way, they would choose arranged marriage with the “mother knows best” mindset.

 Bring them up to speed

29% of male daters above 30 disclosed showing their mothers how online dating works- from showing how to create a profile to how explaining how to pick the best match, these men put an enormous effort to make their parents feel more comfortable with the concept and give them a sneak peek into the new and evolving world of love.

 Upgrading with time

More than 36% of daters from tier 1 and 2 cities mentioned that mothers and even fathers are now more familiar with the concept of online dating than they were two years before. Most parents are taking the initiative to understand how the world works now, and instead of being stuck in their ways with their generational ego, they are trying to update their ways with time.

 GenZ Vs. Millennial- Mom Edition

Survey data shows that the mothers of GenZ daters had a lesser negative reaction to online dating or dating in general than the mothers of Millennial daters. The same trend followed with the mothers of daters from tier 1 cities and the mothers of daters from tier 2 cities, with the former getting more comfortable with the concept comparatively quicker.

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