Movie date: Anil Kapoor and Anupam Kher came together to watch ‘RRR’, Anil said – this is no less than a date

29 minutes ago

Anupam Kher has recently shared a video on social media, in which he has gone to see a film with Anil Kapoor after many years. In the video, Anil is seen saying, “I feel like I am in St. Xavier’s College and have come out for a date.” To which Anupam Kher replied that ‘I will not say such a thing.’ But Anil Kapoor insisted, “It is nothing less than a date and we have come to watch ‘RRR’.” In the video, Anil was also seen promoting his son Harshvardhan’s upcoming release Thar. Sharing the video, Anupam wrote in the caption, “After many years went to the theater to watch Rajamouli’s RRR with my dearest friend Anil Kapoor.” Watch video…

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