Movie Review: Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Jhund’ Story Lacks Dum, Emotions; Nagraj’s film will get critical acclaim

Mumbai32 minutes agoAuthor: Komal Nahata

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Amitabh Bachchan is a professor who is about to retire. Seeing the children of the nearby slum settlement taking cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc., they come up with an idea. He gives 500 rupees from his own savings every day to those misguided children to play football. Boys and girls seem to be improving gradually. In doing so, Professor Sahib’s slum football team gains international recognition. Meanwhile, the team and the professor have to roll a lot of papads.

Nagraj Popatrao Manjule Kis story has some merit as it gives the message that an empty mind (which is the house of the devil) should be used in any work. But apart from the message, there isn’t much in the story and there are reasons for it. On the one hand, it dies after a while because the same things are repeated. Secondly, the high point of sentimentality that should come in the story is not there. Manjule’s screenplay is too long and drawn out. Due to this, the viewer feels boredom quite often. Time and again, more emphasis is placed on their game and the conflicts between the games, rather than showing how the slum team became such a great team. If more attention was paid to the team’s struggle, it would have been fun and the emotions would have been aware, the audience would also cry, which is very important in such films. That is to say, along with romance, there is also a lack of emotions in this film. Yes, comedy sounds very real but that too is not enough. Many twists and turns are predictable.

Acting: Amitabh Bachchan has played the role of Professor Vijay Borade very well. His character is based on Professor Vijay Barse from Nashik. Vijay Barse had organized Slum Soccer Organization for slum children in Nagpur. But Bachchan’s everywhere begging for the rights of children seems a bit odd, as if the writer doesn’t believe in his own character. Ankush Geedam shines in the character of ‘Don’ Ankush. Kishor Kadam makes a mark in the role of Professor Vijay Borade’s colleague. Akash Thosar not only looks beautiful but also did the job well. Rinku Rajguru plays well in a small role.

Direction & Music: Nagraj Manjule’s direction is average. He could not make a strong film which would make the audience cry and laugh. Ajay-Atul’s music is fine. The lyrics of the songs will not go on the tongue easily. Saket Kanetkar’s background music should have been much better. In the story of Underdogs, unless the background music gives goosebumps, it doesn’t make sense. Sudhakar Yakanti Reddy’s camera work is above average. The compilation (Qutub Inamdar and Vaibhav Dhawade) is weak.

Conclusion: Overall, Jhund will get critical claim but nothing special will happen at the ticket window.

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