MP’s son married a married girl, if the householders did not agree, he was living separately; The plan was to trap four people by firing on themselves | MP’s son married a married girl, the family members were staying apart if they did not agree; a shot was fired on himself to trap four people

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  • MP’s Son Married A Married Girl, If The Householders Did Not Agree, He Was Living Separately; The Plan Was To Trap Four People By Firing On Themselves

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Lucknow14 minutes ago

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Mohanlal Ganj MP Kaushal Kishore has said that the police should take appropriate action after the investigation. Action should be taken against whoever is guilty.

  • Adarsh ​​told the police that Ayush said that you will shoot everything else I will see

BJP MP Kaushal Kishore’s son Ayush from Mohanlal Ganj, adjacent to Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow, was reported to have been attacked on Tuesday night. In the attack, Ayush was injured due to being shot. Due to the presence of Ayush’s brother-in-law Adarsh ​​at the time of the incident, the whole case started to look suspicious to the police. Initial investigation by the police has revealed that MP son Aayush had married the married girl, when the family members did not agree, he started living separately.

Who did the last attack on MP son Ayush and why, when it was investigated, it was revealed that MP’s son Ayush himself had attacked his brother-in-law in order to implicate four youths. According to information from sources, there was a dispute over the money from the four youths.

Married about a year ago

Kaushal Kishore MP’s son Ayush married a year ago. Police investigation has also revealed that, MP’s son Ayush had a love marriage due to which he lived apart from home, because the family did not agree to this marriage, so Ayush stayed away from home with his wife. having had.

MP said – We want the police to investigate and take appropriate action

Member of Parliament Kaushal Kishore said, “There is no dispute of a son’s dispute with me.” He was married to his will, the girl is already married and older than him. When we all refused them, son Aayush said that if you do not agree then we will commit suicide. Then we said okay. You be different We do not mean anything. We had no family dispute. If he has done so. Why has he shot himself, so why has he done so. It should be investigated.

The MP said that, I also met in the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, he told that I am going home but have not reached home yet. Where have you been, I have not even been told. Kaushal Kishore says that no one should be caught innocent, once the police conduct their own investigation. Then Tahrir will be given on the basis of what will come up.

Said that we do not want any innocent stranded, so Tahrir has not been given. Tahrir will be given as soon as the investigation is done. The police should investigate as they wish. The MP said that, I spoke to my son in front of the police in the hostel, but he told who shot me, I do not know. If he has done so, what his brother-in-law is saying is correct, then it is his fault that the police take appropriate action on him.

What did Ayush’s brother-in-law say in front of the police
Mohanlalganj BJP MP Kaushal Kishore’s son-in-law Aayush told that he had told us that there are four to five people who have to be trapped. In which Chandan Gupta, Manish Jaiswal Pradeep Kumar Singh is another person, his name is not remembered. They had said that you shoot, I will understand everything further.

Who is it ? MP Kaushal Kishore
Kaushal Kishore Mohanlalganj was elected to the Lok Sabha for the third time in 2019. He is the national president of Parakh Mahasangh, and the state president of the party’s former SC wing. He is an influential leader of the party and is recognized nationwide for his activism related to social justice issues. Jaya Devi, wife of MP Kaushal Kishore, is an MLA from Malihabad assembly constituency. Of his four sons, the middle son Akash Kishore died due to kidney failure, also a daughter.

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