Mukesh Chhabra said that Riya took the name in the drug case out of revenge, advised – by doing so they will not get anything

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The Narcotics Control Bureau is preparing to clamp down on the drug nexus operating in Bollywood’s corridors these days. However, for the last few days, the reports are viral that Riya has named 25 big Bollywood celebs in her statement, one of which is Mukesh Chhabra. Now Mukesh has said that Riya is dragging him in this matter to take revenge on him.

Never even smoked cigarettes

In an interview to Box Office Worldwide, Mukesh said – I have never taken alcohol, so leave aside the talk of drugs. Riya has taken my name just for revenge. He has given all the names he has taken. He feels that doing so will help him in the case. But this is wrong. I have nothing to do with drugs. I have never smoked cigarettes or alcohol. So there is no question of taking hard drugs.

Riya’s advice will not work

Mukesh further said that he would not compromise his name. They will definitely take legal action against Riya. They say- We are seeing this thing right now, what would be more right to do. But I would like to advise Riya not to name anyone to distract herself. This will not help them. I cannot speak of others, but my name has been dragged into this case just for revenge.



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