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Mukhtar Ansari Shooter Munna Bajrangi | Purvanchal Bahubali Munna Bajrangi shot in Baghpat jail The story of the death of sharp shooter Munna Bajrangi: 6 bullets…breathing stopped in 52 seconds; The pistol had reached inside Baghpat jail even before coming – Uttar Pradesh News

Lucknow3 minutes agoAuthor: Rajneesh Trigunayat

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In the 90s, the fear of Munna Bajrangi in the world of Jarayam had started from Purvanchal and had spread throughout UP. Munna Bajrangi, who entered the world of crime by killing 250 people with a pistol, had built an empire worth 250 crores.

More than 40 people died by firing thousands of bullets in 34 years

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