Mukhtar Ansari UP Jail Banda Update; Mau MLA Wheelchair Wala Convoy Stayed For 15 Minutes | Police convoy stayed for 15 minutes in Kanpur countryside while going to Banda jail, Mukhtar Ansari with ‘wheel chair’ went to toilet on his feet

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Kanpur16 minutes ago

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Mukhtar Ansari was standing on both his legs while going to the toilet at the Satti police station in Kanpur countryside.

Gangster MLA Mukhtar Ansari’s convoy stopped for about 15 minutes outside the Satti police station in Kanpur Dehat on Wednesday night while going to Banda jail from Ropar jail in Punjab. During this time, the pretext of his illness was revealed. Mukhtar Ansari Satti, who appeared in Mohali court in Punjab and was seen on a wheel chair from Ropar jail, was standing on his feet in the police station. He toilets here and after sitting for 10 minutes, thanked Thanedar and left for Banda. Please tell that the Punjab Medical Board had described Mukhtar Ansari as suffering from 9 serious illnesses.

Urged a request

The UP Police team, which took Mukhtar Ansari from Punjab, reached Kanpur countryside late on Wednesday, 7 April. At the same time, Mukhtar Ansari had spoken to a police officer sitting in an ambulance about going to a breach. The ambulance from which Mukhtar Ansari was being taken to Banda on the instructions of a police officer was suddenly parked inside the Satti police station in Kanpur countryside. A video of this development has also surfaced.

He was seen on a wheel chair during his appearance in Mohali court of Punjab.

He was seen on a wheel chair during his appearance in Mohali court of Punjab.

Departed after sitting in the chair for 10 minutes

Amid security arrangements inside the police station, a soldier was forced out of the ambulance by giving support to Mukhtar Ansari. But after this, without any help, he was seen going to Mukhtar in the bathroom built inside the police station. Here Mukhtar Ansari sat in a chair for about 10 minutes and then thanked the Thanedar and left for Banda by sitting in an ambulance.

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