Mukhtar Ansari’s old colleague, wanted to be forcibly admitted to the hospital | Mukhtar Ansari’s old colleague, wanted to be forcibly admitted to the hospital

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Dabang threatens hospital workers in Mau

Mukhtar Ansari’s close aide and two of his accomplices, one of whom is a block chief, were arrested in the case of threatening the health workers of the district hospital and the accompanying policemen in Sadar Hospital under police station Sarai Lakhansi of Mau district.

was making threats

Additional Superintendent of Police Tribhuvan Nath Tripathi said that Mukhtar Ansari’s associate former district panchayat member Sanjay Sagar had come to the court today to appear in the court. Who, saying that his health was deteriorating, reached the district hospital along with the policemen who came with him and there by threatening the employees of the health department and pressurizing him to get himself admitted to the district hospital.

The doctors said – well

On which the doctors and staff there refused to admit him saying that his health was fine, after which he called two of his other people, including the block chief of Pardaha block at the local level. In which along with him, both of them also started threatening the health workers and the policemen who came along, which was reported to the local police station Sarai Lakhansi. After which the police force reached on time and taking action against him, two associates of Sanjay Sagar were also arrested and a case is being registered under the relevant sections.

Mukhtar is an old aide of Ansari

Please tell that Sanjay Sagar has been an old associate of former District Panchayat member Mukhtar Ansari and is currently lodged in jail under Gangster Act in the case of Mukhtar Ansari MLA fund misuse case and fake arms license Sanjay Sagar Mukhtar in the last assembly elections 2017. Ansari, along with his son Abbas used to campaign for Ansari and at that time also used to be a member of the district panchayat. The same last 2 years ago, when Mukhtar’s MLA fund was investigated, it was found in its verification that he had misused the fund, the vote in which the fund was taken had no clue at the place on which he was jailed while taking action. Was sent and when his arms license was investigated, it also turned out to be completely fake, in all these cases, he had come out after being released, but in the action taken under the gangster in the past, he was again sent to jail, under which his today There was a court appearance.

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