Multilevel parking will be built in High Court premises, Cabinet approved Rs 640.37 crore, Advocate Chambers will also be constructed | Cabinet approved Rs 640.37 crore, Advocate Chambers will also be constructed

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The state government has approved Rs 640.37 crore for parking and advocate chamber.

The way has been cleared for the much-awaited multi-level parking and the construction of Advocate Chambers in the Allahabad High Court premises. In the meeting of the cabinet of Uttar Pradesh government held on Wednesday, the state government has given approval of Rs 640.37 crore. Any kind of change and amendment in this project can be done by the cabinet only on the orders of the Chief Minister.

Public Works Department will make the construction

The Public Works Department has been designated as the working body due to the cost of construction work of multi level parking and Advocates Chambers in Allahabad High Court premises being more than Rs 50 crore. The project work is to be done on EPC mode.

Will get rid of life’s woes

Every day thousands of lawyers and litigants visit the Allahabad High Court. In such a situation, advocates park their vehicles on the roads around the Allahabad High Court premises. Therefore, there is always a situation of jam on these roads. School children and common citizens passing through there cause a lot of trouble. After the construction of multi level parking in Allahabad High Court premises, people will get relief from the problem of jam. Lawyers will also get a lot of convenience due to parking. Amarendra Singh, president of Allahabad High Court Bar Association, says that the government’s approval of Rs 640.34 crore for the construction of advocate chambers and multi-level parking is welcome. This will solve a lot of problem. After the facility of multistorey level parking, the jam situation outside the Allahabad High Court premises will be relieved.

Land has been arranged for multilevel parking and advocate chambers in Allahabad High Court premises. Parking will be constructed behind the High Court. In its construction, works like automatic sliding door, false ceiling, acoustic cloud, wooden cladding on ceiling will be done.

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