Mumbai Bus Staff Takes Detour to Hospital, Deposits Cash to Save Boy Having Seizures

A 5-year-old boy, who experienced seizures while traveling in a BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) bus, was saved due to timely intervention and presence of mind of its staff. The incident took place around 12:55 pm when the child, Shivam Parkar, was traveling with his mother Pooja. While in the bus, said to be route number 33, Shivam started having seizures, as reported by Mid-Day. Soon, the BEST staff noticed the boy’s condition and decided to step in for help. While acting swiftly, driver Kishore Vasant Dane, bus conductor Appasaheb Tulshiram Lohar along with traffic officer Rajesh Vichare first asked the passengers to deboard the bus.

Subsequently, the staff then changed the route of the bus and headed straight to the hospital so that Shivam could be given medical help on time. Notably, the staff did not just help Shivam reach the hospital but even deposited their day’s earnings at the hospital for him.

The incident was also shared on Facebook by a girl named Tanvi Gavankar, who happened to be at the Thakur Hospital when Shivam was rushed there by the BEST staff. Tanvi wrote that she was about to leave the hospital at around 1:30 pm when she saw the staff bringing the boy. She recalled seeing the ticket collector holding Shivam in his arms while his mother cried for him.

According to Tanvi, Shivam was immediately given primary medical aid by the hospital staff. Curious to know about the case, Tanvi enquired at the ticket counter of the hospital and learned about the generosity of the BEST staff.

She further wrote how the driver “vacated the bus and rushed the kid to the nearest hospital” after noticing his seizures. Tanvi also shared that the ticket collector and the bus conductor spent the “entire cash which was collected since morning to get the kid admitted.”

As the heroic act came to light, the BEST staff was even felicitated by the general manager of BEST, Lokesh Chandra.

Moreover, the staff’s selfless effort to save the boy was even recognized by cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, who shared the news on his Twitter handle. “BEST thing you’ll see on the internet today,” wrote Tendulkar.

Besides this, the driver, conductor and traffic officer, were highly praised on Twitter where users hailed them as heroes. “These are the people that make Mumbai what it is,” wrote one user while another saluted the staff and said that they should be rewarded.

So, does this story restore your faith in humanity?

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