Mumbai Lockdown LTT Station Update; Patna Lucknow Migrant Workers on Financial Struggles and Jobs Crisis | Went to Mumbai to earn money for sister’s wedding, but returned under compulsion; Jumped off the train playing on his life to avoid being quarantined

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Lucknow / Patna17 minutes ago

Out of the house is late, return home
Sunny night is hard, go back home

These few lines of Ghazal are precisely sitting on the migrants returning from Mumbai to their homes. In the third part of the Exodus Express, we are narrating the tragedy of the migrants who returned from Mumbai to Lucknow and Patna in the scorching heat. These helpless people went to Mumbai in Mayanagari for roti on June 2. But the whip of the lockdown caused such pain that he was forced to return home.

Travel from Mumbai to Lucknow…
Train full of migrants. People sitting around The atmosphere of emergency as soon as the train arrives. This was seen with special trains CST-Lucknow (02533) and Panvel-Lucknow (01175) arriving from Mumbai to Lucknow. Dainik Bhaskar reporters Ravi Srivastava and Aditya Tiwari spoke to the migrants leaving these trains …
Raman and Rajan are brothers. Reached Mumbai in January after lockdown last year. The sister had to raise money for the wedding, but the re-lockdown took away everything. Returned home after taking a ticket with great difficulty. The only question is, how will the sister get married?

If you are safe, you will do anything
Shivkumar of Ayodhya visited Mumbai 6 months ago. Used to work as an electrician, but returned due to lockdown. He said – We will do the work that is available in the village.
Similarly, Ibrahim, who hails from Bahraich district, says that he used to work in hotels. Going home now At least you will be safe at home.
Mohammad Shakeel, a resident of Sitapur, also visited Maharashtra a month ago. Returned in Ramadan, but will not return. He said – will do farming in the village. If alive, we will do anything.

There was little concern about social distancing among the passengers who landed at the station. Perhaps the desire to reach home early made people careless.

Social distancing absent
There were policemen at the exit gate of Lucknow station, but social distancing was not being followed while the passengers were lined up. There was also a health team of 4 people at the exit gate. Of these, 2 were for thermal scanning and one for antigen test. One was noting the number of passengers when the temperature was high. However, due to the large crowd, scanning was not being done properly. In 10-15 minutes only 3 people were getting antigen test. There was also no ambulance at the station. However, according to the advisory issued by the government recently, all these arrangements are necessary.

NER Public Relations Officer Mahesh Gupta said that “Rapid Antigen Test” and RT PCR test are being done for every traveler by setting up Kovid Testing Camp at the stations.

Two and a half to 3 lakh migrant laborers arrived in 15 days
A railway official, on the condition of anonymity, said that 9 summer special trains have arrived from Mumbai to Lucknow between April 1 and 15. Between 2.5 and 3 lakh migrant laborers came from them. According to government figures, more than 5 lakh migrants returned from Mumbai in the last lockdown.

The bundle of life is heavy Babu, but more than life?

The bundle of life is heavy Babu, but more than life?

Now the story of forced passengers from Patna station saw the story of Bhaskar reporter Pranay Priyamvand and Amit Jaiswal …g> …
When the train coming from Mumbai to Patna 01173 down stopped at Danapur station in Patna, most of the passengers coming from it were between 25 to 40 years old. Carelessness was such that people started jumping even before the train reached the station. Some people survived by knowing. The reason is that the corona investigation should not be done. There is also the fear that quarantine will have to be done if it turns out positive in the investigation.

Will reap wheat now, come back later
Some passengers who landed at the station told Bhaskar that Maharashtra had come under lockdown and hence returned to Patna. One said, now, because of getting a job here, so we will cultivate the farm, carry the straw, and cut the wheat. If the lockdown is over by the end of the harvesting season, then he will return to Mumbai.

If you got work in Bihar, why go out?
Exiting the station, Imran Alam said that he works in the factory. Was in Mumbai for 9-10 years. Work is not available in Bihar. In such a situation, one has to go to a big city like Mumbai in search of livelihood, but will not go back now. Even if you get less money, you will work in Bihar itself. At least stay with the parents.

Thousands of travelers coming to Bihar
There are 64 special trains running from Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat to different cities of Bihar. Apart from these, there are 31 trains which pass through stations in different cities of Bihar. A Rajdhani Special, which opens from Patna, is also running. In such a situation, thousands of expatriates are returning from big cities.

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