Municipal corporation will build she-lounge and e-kios near Ghanta Ghar, people will not wander | Municipal corporation will build she-lounge and e-kios near Ghanta Ghar, people will not wander

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In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, the work on Smart City has intensified. Along with re-starting the Ghanta Ghar of Qutubkhana, the Municipal Corporation will also provide all kinds of facilities to the people there. Plans are being prepared for this. For women, the municipal corporation will prepare a she-lounge under the clock tower. Due to which the women coming there can breastfeed their children as well as do other necessary work if needed. Tender for this is being started.

From sanitary pads to breastfeeding in She-Lounge
Municipal officials say that all facilities for women from sanitary pads to breastfeeding will be provided in the She-Lounge. So that they do not have to wander when needed. Will they be charged for this or not? Officials are discussing this. At present no decision has been taken in this regard. As far as officials are of the opinion that women may have to pay a light charge for using the she-lounge.

E-Kyos will also be ready
Sanjay Chauhan, Executive Engineer, Municipal Corporation, says that after the commencement of the Ghanta Ghar, an e-Kyos will be started for the people on the vacant land there. So that people can easily connect with all the e-features of the government. In e-Kyos, people can avail any of their e-facilities. There will be no charge of any kind for this. Many types of machines like ATM will also be installed there.

Till now either have to stand in line or go to the cafe.
Executive Engineer Sanjay Chauhan says that till now people have to do their work by either putting a line in the department to connect with the e-features of the Government of India. Or you have to spend Rs. There are only a few people who are able to avail themselves of e-features from home. But after the introduction of e-Kyos, people will not need to go anywhere. The operator sitting there will help the people.

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