Munita Prajapati Update | Uttar Pradesh Varanasi 19 -year-old Girl Wins National Junior Athletics Championship In 10KM Race Walk | Kashi’s Munita created national record; The mother took a loan to reach even, the father worked as a laborer, the brothers of the village gave the shoes

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Varanasi18 minutes agoAuthor: Amit Mukherjee

Munita Prajapati is a resident of Kashi.

  • Munita sets 10 km walk race record in 36th National Junior Athletics Championships
  • Munita said- If the government gives me a job, then I will be able to take good care of the family

Munita Prajapati, who hails from Rohania Shahbazpur Badhaini Khurd of Varanasi, has set a new national record in the 10 km walk race on February 10 at the 36th National Junior Athletics Championships in Guwahati. Birju Prajapati, the father of this athlete, is a laborer.

To make Munita an athlete, sometimes her mother spread her hands in front of relatives, sometimes in the village her older brothers gave shoes. Even today the condition of his house is not good. But Munita wants to brighten the name of the country in the world. In a phone conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Munita said that if the government gives me a job, then I should be able to work harder with family care.

Sister is not an athlete, but she only showed the way

Munita says that in 2016, for the first time, with a girl from the village, she went to run the threshold of the house. When the father came to know about this, he first refused. But elder sister Pooja and mother Rashamani encouraged and allowed me to play. Then the sister said that there is only one way through which you can get out of the village and do something. I also knew that I would have to do something to end the difficulties of my family. Senior brothers from the village gave me the shoes. My family lives in the same room. Elder sister Pooja is married.

Munita’s family.

Selection for Sai hostels in 2017
Munita says that in 2017 there was a trial of Sai Hostel located in Bhopal. The mother sent me a loan from her sisters. There was pressure on me to do better and succeed in any case. I opened my game by assuming the last trial of life. Finally I got selected. This removed my worry about food and kit. Still, the mother and father continued to pay for other needs. The marriage of elder sister Chanda is fixed. The mother again asks relatives to take a loan. The government can help me by providing me a job. So that my parents do not have to stretch their hands.

Munita showing the medal.

Munita showing the medal.

Mother said- debt does not matter to daughter

Mother Rashmani told that there are three daughters and a son in the family. Munita is third among her sisters and brothers. Many people in the village also tightened up when he started playing. Had to face a lot of opposition too. There was also a lack of money. But my sisters supported. But today all austerities have been successful. The name of the daughter became the identity of the village. Munita has studied up to inter. There is still some debt. My husband Birju is working hard day and night for daughter Chanda’s wedding.

Mother of Munita.

Mother of Munita.

Ten years ago, father’s toe was cut in an accident
In 2011, Munita’s father Birju was doing electrical work in Mumbai. Due to the current, two fingers of the right toe were cut and the hand also got damaged. Even after being Divyang, they go to the city every day to do their wages. Work is also not available everyday. There is a small piece of land named after it. Which does not have enough grain for the family to run. Younger son Kishan studies.

Munita showing the medal.

Munita showing the medal.

Neighbors appreciated the hard work of Munita and her parents
Neighbor Shakuntala told that Munita’s aunt has helped a lot. Father’s work is also not done everyday. The daughter reached here after fighting poverty. Very happy about this. Manju Devi is proud of Munita’s success. She says that she has made Kashi’s name bright.

Also qualified for the championship to be held in Kenya
Munita Prajapati has set a new national record in her name by finishing the competition in the 10000 meter race walk championship in 47 minutes 52 seconds. Earlier this record was in the name of Reshma Patel. He made this record in a time of 48 minutes 25 seconds. In 2014, Priyanka Goswami of UP set a record of 49.16 seconds on UP Lailal. They are also broken. Munita has qualified for the championship to be held in Kenya in August 2021.

Apart from this, Munita won Gold at the 7th National Open Race Walking Championship in February 2020, Ranchi. In November 2019, the 35th National Junior Athletics Championships won gold at Vijayawada. The silver medal was won at the 17th Federation Cup National Junior Athletics Championships in September 2019. The first International played at the Asian Youth Athletics Championships 2019 in Hong Kong. There was no place here. The 1st Games India School Games 2018 was played in New Delhi and secured second place.

The 36th National Junior Athletics Junior Championship was held from 6 to 10 February at 2021 Gowhati Assam.  Munita in blue jersey.

The 36th National Junior Athletics Junior Championship was held from 6 to 10 February at 2021 Gowhati Assam. Munita in blue jersey.


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