Murder For Ransom In Uttar Pradesh Bulandshahr; Man Killed By His Friends, Police Arrested Two Accused | The kidnapped friend demanded a ransom of seven lakhs, the body was thrown into the well after killing him if he was not found, the police also found the angle of lending in the investigation

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Deceased businessman Rajendra.

  • Case of Imlia village of New Mandi Chowki area
  • Police arrested both accused and sent them to jail

A sensational case has come to light in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He was killed after kidnapping a grocer business here. The crime of murder is on two of his friends. The police have arrested both the killers. The businessman lent some money to a friend. But the friend did not want to return the money. Therefore, he was kidnapped and killed and threw the dead body into the well. A ransom of seven lakhs was also sought to convert the case into a crime.

This is the whole case
Rajendra, a resident of village Imaliya in New Mandi Chowki area, has a grocery shop in Saina Adda area. Around two o’clock on Friday afternoon, Rajendra’s friends Bharat and Ankush Jain came to the shop and took him away with them. After which Rajendra went missing till late night. Meanwhile, Rajendra’s brother got a call for a ransom of seven lakh rupees. There was a threat of murder for not receiving the money.

The family gave this information to the police. The police, taking the help of surveillance, expedited the search for the accused and the missing Rajendra. Late night police recovered Rajendra’s body from a well near the village. Apart from this, his murderers Bharat and Ankush Jain were also arrested on Saturday morning. When the police strictly interrogated, the accused said that India owed Rajendra millions. India wanted to avoid lending money. Because of which he conspired to kidnap and murder. As part of the conspiracy, Rajendra was kidnapped and then murdered.

After the murder, one of the accused was with the family

To confuse the family after the murder, Rajendra’s brother called and demanded a ransom of seven lakhs. According to the police, the killer, Ankush Jain, roamed around with the family and was searching for Rajendra. But on suspicion, as soon as he was arrested and strictly interrogated, Rajendra’s kidnapping and murder case was revealed.


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