Murdered Delhi Teen’s Boyfriend To Face Psychological Test: Sources

Delhi Teen Murder: The test will be conducted by experienced psychiatrists

New Delhi:

The Delhi police may conduct a psychoanalysis test or psycho assessment test on the 20-year-old man who brutally murdered his alleged teen girlfriend in full public view on Sunday, police sources have said.

During the Psychoanalysis test, Sahil will be asked questions about his family, friends and his lifestyle, sources said.

Sources say the test may last for about three hours and that it will help police understand the mental state of the killer.

The test will be conducted by experienced psychiatrists, they said.

The teen girl was stabbed 22 times by Sahil in northwest Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area on Sunday evening, and then crushed with a rock slab, as captured in the CCTV footage.

He was taken to Shahbad Dairy this morning to recreate the crime scene, officials said.

The disturbing security footage shows Sahil stabbing the teen repeatedly, as people pass them by. Then he picked up a stone slab and struck her repeatedly, the chilling video shows.

The killer, an AC technician, was arrested from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr on Monday.

Sahil has confessed to the murder and claimed that he was upset because his girlfriend of three years wanted to break up with him.

During his interrogation, he allegedly told police that the girl was involved with a former boyfriend and that he has no regrets.

“He said he was enraged as the girl had been ignoring him for some time,” police sources said.

The girl was on her way to the birthday party of her friend’s son when she was attacked, the police said.

In another security footage, Sahil was seen talking to a friend at the same spot where he later killed the girl.

Sahil appeared to be waiting there for the teen girl, officials said.

He had been staying with his parents and three sisters at a rented house in Shahbad Dairy area for the last two years.

After the incident, Sahil switched off his phone and went to his aunt’s home in Bulandshahr.ย Sources say a call made by his aunt to his father helped police trace his location.

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