Must Try Tibetan Dishes: 7 Tibetan dishes that you need to try

Tibet is known for it once being the Dalai Lama’s winter home and Jokhang Temple which is revered for its golden statue of the young Buddha. Moreover, Tibet is also popular for its rich culture, incredible beauty, magnificent mountains, and rustic yet appetizing food. The three basic and staple foods of Tibet are butter tea, barley and yak meat. Barley, being the most important crop in Tibet, is used extensively in the form of flour.

One of the most famous dishes that originated out of Tibet is Thukpa. However, the Tibetan gastronomical scene goes far beyond just the soupy noodles. There are numerous Tibetan cuisines that are no less than Thukpa and their flavour is just amazing. Here is a look at some Tibetan dishes that you must try.


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