Muzaffarnagar Is Colder Than Hill Station Mussoorie; Uttar Pradesh Weather Forecast Latest News Update | Muzaffarnagar was colder than Mussoorie; Meerut morning wrapped in thick sheet of fog for the first time this season

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MeerutOne hour ago

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This photo is from Meerut. A thick fog enveloped the atmosphere here on Friday morning. Visibility was also very low due to this.

  • Meteorologists said – Winter begins, children and elderly need to be careful
  • On Thursday, the minimum temperature in Muzaffarnagar was 6.6 degrees Celsius, while Meerut recorded 7.5 degrees Celsius.

The first dense fog of the season appeared in the districts of western Uttar Pradesh on Friday. This made people difficult to travel. The fog was so dense that nothing was visible at a distance of a few steps. Vehicles were seen crawling on the highway due to fog. Muzaffarnagar was also colder than Mussoorie on Thursday. Mercury recorded a minimum of 6.6 degree Celsius as compared to Mussoorie’s 9 degree Celsius. While Meerut has recorded 7.5 degree Celsius.

Sudden weather took a turn

There was a change in the weather from Friday morning itself. On Thursday, when the weather was normal in the day, the feeling of cold was less, with the fog that came late in the night, the temperature started to fall. Fog was seen everywhere on Friday morning. The fog was so dense that even inside the colonies a few steps away was not visible. Vehicles had to proceed by lighting the lights during the day. With this change in the weather, it has been said that the bitter cold will begin.

Winter begins, people need to be careful

Dr. UP Shahi, in-charge of Meteorological Department of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Agricultural University, says that the cold period has started. Due to further cold winds in the plains, the temperature will fall further due to which the feeling of cold will increase further. Thursday night’s minimum temperature was 7.5 degrees Celsius. Whereas before it was 9.5 degrees Celsius. The effect of fog will also be seen on life. Weather experts say that the harsh winter has started, so caution is necessary to avoid the cold.


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