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Ashish Gaikwad was recovering from a surgery when he tested positive for COVID and was moved to a COVID hospital within two of his surgery. He lost a close family member to COVID during his recovery period in the hospital and even after having tested negative, he continues to battle the scars COVID has left in his life. Here is his COVID journey

It was a year that we had
never imagined. Our wedding date which was planned on May 3 had to be postponed due to lockdown. We had been waiting for this day for a long time and it was very heartbreaking. We got married in a hush-hush ceremony on June 7 with all the safety precautions and guidelines by Maharashtra government.

Right after the marriage, I had to start my treatment for kidney stones and shockingly two weeks after my treatment started, my wife was also diagnosed with kidney stones, and soon we were both visiting the doctors and taking treatment. This continued for another month and in the month of August, the kidney stone pain got severe and instead of going for operation, we thought of opting for homeopathic medicines.

Pain had become the new normal of my life as I used to get regular bouts of pain every now and then. On Sunday (23th August) we travelled to Satara to visit a doctor because I was in acute pain. We went for a regular checkup the next day and came to know the stone had already passed but the appendix was ruptured and required immediate surgery. The surgery had to be scheduled in the next few hours. As it had been two days that the appendix was ruptured, the infection was vastly spreading to the other body parts, which was dangerous. With every passing hour, the risk to my life was increasing. I had to go for immediate surgery, Before surgery we had to go for the
COVID test. Since we didn’t have much time in hand, we went for the Rapid Antigen Test, which was negative.

Post surgery, I was in the ICU ward for two days and when
hospital management conducted the RT-PCR, I was found COVID positive. This was a big shocker and all the beds in the ICU were immediately evacuated. I was the only person in the ICU, with no clue about what had happened. We were then asked to move to the COVID hospital. The operation had left me with very little mobility. No one was ready to help. Within 2 days of operation, it was difficult for me to shift from one hospital to another hospital. But the hospital staff and other members did not cooperate. On the third day of operation, I had to be on my own. Taking all the energy required to move.

I was in another
hospital on the third day of my operation (August 26). I was completely asymptomatic, but soon after getting admitted to COVID hospital, I reported a very high fever and severe chilling, which lasted for 2-3 hrs. My blood had already started to clot, and to control the clotting, I was given some injections in my stomach, which was painful for a person who was already struggling to recover from surgery.

First two days in the
COVID hospital were a nightmare, I thought I would never see the outside world. It was gloomy all around. I was worried about my parents, my newly married wife. But I was lucky enough that no one in my family had contracted the COVID. But in my building, itself, one of our close relatives, my uncle who was on police duty (Santosh Zende) and his daughter were tested positive. My uncle died battling COVID on August 30. This was the first case of any police personnel dying due to COVID in the PCMC area.

Corona was already inside our home. Whatever stories we used to hear about
COVID , were suddenly real. Life was changing for all of us. Now there was another reason for me to think that I could not see another day. I was in the hospital all alone, knowing that my world outside has completely changed. My loved one had lost his life and others were struggling in the same way as me to survive.

Amidst all the negativity and obscure moments, I was still hopeful and gradually started to recover. After 7 days, I left the
hospital on the ninth day. I was advised to quarantine for the next 14 days and get myself tested afterwards.

I followed a strict diet regime and a proper quarantine. On September 10, I got the RT-PCR Test again and tested negative. But it took me days to come out of the trauma. Even after testing negative, I had issues like shortness of breath, dizziness and weakness for more than a month. Even a small walk could make me gasp for my breath.

never took corona that seriously, until we lost our dear one to this battle. We faced everything, from changing people behavior due to the stigma. People feared us thinking we might infect them. I would like to say, we took all the necessary precautions (wearing masks, sanitizing ourselves) following social distancing, but we do not know until now what could be the possible reason for us contracting COVID. As it had been months, we have been staying indoors and working from home.

Now we
see life returning to normal, slowly and steadily. But we can never overcome the pain which we have been experiencing all the days for missing those who have lost their lives. Corona might just vanish , but it has been a life changer for all of us in the family. We will surely remember this for all our lives.

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