“My Husband Didn’t Even Realise My Brother Killed Him”: Hyderabad Woman

Sulthana’s first visit to her husband B Nagaraju’s home happened to be after his death.


Her husband was beaten to death on a busy road in Hyderabad and a crowd of witnesses couldn’t save him, even though she begged for help. Syed Ashrin Sulthana said the killers were her brother and relatives.

Sulthana’s first visit to her husband B Nagaraju’s home happened to be after his death. Still dazed with grief, she held on to a portrait of Nagaraju as she spoke to NDTV.

“My husband and I were going on a bike. He slowed down a little to cross the road, suddenly two bikes came. I didn’t realise my brother was on one of them. They pushed my husband, he fell. They started hitting him with rods. When I tried to save him, my brother’s friends pushed me. I begged for help but people took videos,” Sulthana, 21, said.

It was all over within moments, but she feels there was enough time for people on the road to intervene and stop the attack.

“In 10 to 15 minutes, my husband was hit 30 to 35 times with a rod. They hit my husband on his brain.

When he died and when I touched his head, my hand went right throughโ€ฆ his brain had spilled out.”

Sulthana now feels she wasted precious seconds asking for help, which never came.

“I wasted my time asking people for help, trusting society. I could have used that time to do something more to help my husband. My husband didn’t even realise my brother killed himโ€ฆ”

Nagaraju, a 25-year-old car salesman, and Sulthana, had married on January 31, defying her family. They had known each other since school.

Sulthana said her family had always threatened her over her relationship.

“There was always a threat. I had told Raju to marry someone else as there was a problem. But he said we will live together and die together. Even if we have to go somewhere far away after marriage. He said I am ready to die for you. Today for real my husband died because of me.”


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