‘My name is the story of my journey’: Priyanka said- Like people call Rekha only Rekha, in the same way I like to hear only Priyanka

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Recently Priyanka Chopra has said that she wants people to call her only by her first name like Rekha. In an interview given to The Telegraph, Priyanka told that her name is not as common in America as it is in India. Because of this, she does not use her last name- Priyanka Chopra Jonas much in America.

I got used to listening to PC in India – Priyanka
During an interview given to The Telegraph, Priyanka was asked that her name is quite common and what does she think about it? Responding to this, she said- I take full advantage of this time that all the people I know in America know only one Priyanka.

But, it is not so in India. Priyanka is such a common name that if you say Priyanka once in the room, at least 6 girls will turn and look at you.

I only like to hear my first name – Priyanka
He further told- Maybe that’s why I have become used to listening to PC in India. But, I have hardly found any other girl with this name in America. In America I just like to hear Priyanka, like people call Rekha just Rekha, same way. Or just Sher to Sher Lloyd in America. Similarly, only Priyanka!

My name gives me the feeling of 23 years of journey- Priyanka
In an interview with Fox5, Priyanka said that she feels great when she sees her full name – Priyanka Chopra Jonas on film posters, billboards and on the big screen. Priyanka said that her full name gives her a feel of her 23 years long journey in the film world. Mera Naam is the story of my journey to reach here.

It’s a great feeling to see my name on posters, billboards – Priyanka
Priyanka said- I had done a film which was based on the female boxer of the Olympics. The film was a biopic of Indian boxer Mary Kom. It used to be written on the poster of the film or on the screen that Priyanka Chopra is in the role of Mary Kom. I remember when I saw that poster for the first time and I understood the depth of it.

Priyanka further told- Then came my TV series Quantico. I remember there was a big billboard on Sunset Boulevard near a building. It had my photo and my name written on it. It is an amazing feeling to see your identity on such a large scale before your eyes.

‘Jonas’ is proof that I am married – Priyanka
He further said- Now Jonas has also been added to my name. This is proof that I am married. I saw Jonas written next to my name for the first time in my movie Matrix or maybe in a book, so I said to Nick – You know that I love you, don’t you? Seeing Priyanka Chopra Jonas written here, it seems like this.

Priyanka said- My full name is the proof of my identity. My name tells my career journey of 22-23 years. I still have a lot of excitement about my name – you can call me PC, Priyanka, PCJ – call me anything but my identity will not change.

Currently, Priyanka is busy promoting her upcoming web series Citadel. In this series, Priyanka will be seen in the lead role as a spy. Priyanka is going to debut in the OTT space with this series.

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