My wife says you have offended people: Still working in Bollywood, it is no less than a miracle – Manoj Bajpayee

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Manoj Bajpayee has been working in the film industry for almost 30 years. Recently Manoj Bajpayee told that his wife Shabana Raza praised his acting journey.

Many offers were received after the film ‘Satya’ – Manoj
During a conversation with the media, Manoj told that he had received many offers after his gangster role in the film ‘Satya’. Manoj played the role of gangster Bhiku Mhatre in this film. Manoj told that he got many offers to work in films but did not get the role he wanted. Because of this, he turned down the offers that came.

Rejected so many people that I stopped getting work – Manoj
Manoj Bajpayee remains quite vocal about his struggle in his acting career. He told that there was a time when I had rejected so many offers that I almost stopped getting offers for films.

Recalling that phase of his life, Manoj said – One day Shabana and I were talking in the morning, then Shabana told me that it is no less than a miracle that you have worked in Bollywood for so long. Your career is not over yet, it is still growing, this is a big deal.

My wife says you should have finished by now – Manoj
Manoj further said- When I asked Shabana why she was saying like this, she said that you have offended so many people, you should have finished by now! People here are not in the habit of not listening.

Manoj said- I have denied many people, maybe even angry. I have struggled so much for the right opportunity, fought so much and I agree that my words have hurt some people. But, I had no other way.

I have done a good job, I want to do better – Manoj
Manoj further said- People used to tell me that you will get money for how your films are performing at the box office, but I said every time that I have done that work. I have played strong characters, done good work, I want to do more good work.

When I rejected offers, people called me arrogant – Manoj
Manoj also told that because of his behaviour, it was written about him in reports that he is arrogant, has a lot of attitude and refuses even big filmmakers. Manoj said- I hate those people who write such things.

More protection can suffocate women – Manoj
Talking about his personal life, Manoj said – I am very protective of my wife and daughter. Sometimes I even get scolded for this. Today’s women, be it my wife or daughter, they do not want any man to be overly protective of them. Somewhere they are also right, excessive protection is like suffocation for them.

When asked what he likes to do for the safety of his family, Manoj said – I do not spy on him, but I definitely keep in mind that wherever he is going, he is safe or not. I always try If I do something extra, then I have to listen to keep my over protective nature to myself, we will tell when we need it.

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