N. Raghuraman’s column: When problems like Kovid will come or you cannot control where you will be born; But if you decide, you will win

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  • You Cannot Control When Problems Like Kovid Will Come Or Where You Will Be Born, But If You Are Determined, You Will Get Victory

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36 minutes ago

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N. Raghuraman, Management Guru

‘My child did not go to school for a single day in this entire academic year and now he will have to take board exams in two months. Leave the child, we do not even know what to do? Can my child take a one-year gap? Will this gap year not affect his entire education? For example, studying abroad is compulsory for a few years?… ‘The questions were endless. Wherever I go, whomever I meet, such questions are asked, although I am not a professional counselor.

I forward the technical questions related to the change in the question papers due to the syllabus and changes in the email. But most of the questions are related to whether the child is ready for the exam. This year, not only the students, the whole family is under stress. While the students are worried about being successful with good marks, the parents are not only concerned about safety from Kovid, but they are also not expecting the expected results.

It is clear that online learning has not led to classroom-like studies. One student wrote with dismay, ‘Sir it is my misfortune that Kovid came in the same year that I had to get’ the first document of my education ‘(ie board exam, whose marksheet is useful for life). I was impressed by his choice of words, but also worried that he was cursing his luck and year of birth.

If you also think like a child with a letter, then you should know the story of Divya Prajapati. He was born to a vegetable vendor in Vasna village of Dhanadhukah taluk, Ahmedabad. On March 20 last year, his parents took out 1.5 lakh rupees to save their ancestral house in his native village Jaswantpura in Jalore district of Rajasthan.

Two days later the government declared a nationwide lockdown. Neither father Tanhaji nor mother Geeta could return to Ahmedabad. So Divya and her brother lived alone in Ahmedabad for two months. The siblings passed on Divya’s money saved from articleship and scholarship received by ICAI, Ahmedabad every month.

He got this scholarship in intermediate exam in 2019, bringing the 7th rank in the country. On the other hand, the parents also could not get the house repaired and all the savings were spent because there was no earning in the lockdown. The CA final examinations added to Divya’s troubles, which were to be held first in May 2020, then she was further extended to June, then July and then November.

Not only this, when the examination was scheduled to take place on November 21, the state government imposed curfew on November 19 and 20 due to increase in corona cases after Diwali. It was scary for everyone, including Divya.

Divya became an officially chartered accountant last Monday despite the stress of being separated from family due to lockdown, saving expenses and repeated exams. Even though he did not get the All-India rank, his success is a proof that no matter how many difficulties come in life, one can achieve everything with determination.

Funda is that you cannot control when problems like Kovid will come or where you will be born. But if you are determined, you will definitely win.

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  • February 19, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    Really impressive points you got there.


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