Nano-chameleon found in Madagascar forest: Scientists discovered world’s smallest chameleon, its size is equal to finger tip

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3 hours ago

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  • 11,500 reptiles worldwide, nano-chameleon is the smallest of these
  • The chameleon size is 0.53 inches and the size of females is 0.75 inches.

Scientists have discovered a chameleon smaller than 1 inch. It has become the world’s smallest reptile. It is named Nano-Chameleon. It was discovered in the wilderness of northern Madagascar by teams from Germany and Madagascar. So far, 11,500 Reptiles have been found worldwide, Nano-Chameleon is the smallest of these.

The male chameleon is smaller than the female
Scientists have found two male and two female chameleons. The male chameleon is smaller than the female. The male chameleon is 0.53 inches in size and the female is 0.75 inches.

Madagascar’s forests are its home
Madagascar’s forest is home to nano-chameleons, says scientist Oliver Hallischek of Germany’s Natural History Center. This forest was being harvested for many years, but it is now being preserved to save the nano-chameleon.

Reproductive organ size is 20% of its body
The nano-chameleon’s reproductive organ is 20 percent of its body, says scientist Mark Scherge. Reproductive organisms in some organisms are large in proportion to their body. It is the same with the new chameleon.


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