Naomi Osaka said, I will wear seven different mask in the name of black lives matter to spread awareness about social justice | At the US Open, Osaka will play a mask wearing the names of 7 victims of apartheid; Wearing a mask of a woman named Breona Taylor in the opening match

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  • Naomi Osaka Said, I Will Wear Seven Different Mask In The Name Of Black Lives Matter To Spread Awareness About Social Justice

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World No-9 Japan’s Naomi Osaka said that it seems to me that the more people who know the story of Breona, the more they will be interested and get involved.

  • Breona Taylor was shot dead in her home by Kentucky police during an investigation 6 months ago, leading to her death.
  • Naomi Osaka also pulled out of the semi-finals of the Western and Southern Open tournament against apartheid last week.
  • Osaka has won two Grand Slams in a row, winning the US Open in 2018 and the Australian Open in 2019.

Naomi Osaka of Japan, the world’s highest-grossing female athlete, has been opposing apartheid on all fronts. They have decided to do the same in the US Open tournament. Osaka started it with his opening match. In the match against Misaki Doi, she played her mask wearing her name with the intention of honoring black woman Breoni Taylor.

She will play seven different blacks wearing masks to raise awareness against apartheid until the final of the tournament.

Breona was killed in March.
Breona, who is nursing, was shot dead in March this year by the police at her home in Louisville, USA, leading to her death. Police arrived at Breona’s home to investigate a drug trafficking case. However, the police did not find drugs from her home.

Important to bring awareness among people: Osaka
Osaka said that I know tennis is seen around the world and there will hardly be anyone who does not know the story of Breona Taylor. Maybe they will like it. For me (about it) is just to spread awareness. It seems to me that the more people who know the story, the more they will be interested and get involved in it.

Osaka pulled out of the Western Open tournament semi-finals

On Thursday, in Osaka Wisconsin, a black Jacob Black was eliminated from the semi-finals of the Western and Southern Open tournament in protest against being shot by policemen. Apart from him, players of NBA, Major League Soccer also refused to play matches to protest against the incident.

After this, the US Open and NBA organizers had to cancel all the matches of that day. However, Osaka later agreed to play a semi-final match and also landed on the court wearing a T-shirt with Black Lives Matter. She also reached the final of the tournament, but could not play the title match due to injury.

Osaka is the highest-grossing female athlete

Osaka became the highest-grossing female athlete in June this year. He earned $ 37.4 million (about Rs 284 crore) last year. Osaka had overtaken Serena Williams of America, the top US in this list for 4 years.

Osaka left Serena behind in terms of earnings

Serena’s earnings were about Rs 11 crore less than Osaka. However, both of them broke Russia’s Maria Sharapova’s record in terms of earnings. Sharapova earned the highest in 2015 at $ 29.7 million (about Rs 226 crore).

Osaka will play for Japan in Olympics
Osaka has won two consecutive Grand Slams. He won the US Open in 2018 and the Australian Open in 2019. Osaka will play for Japan in the Tokyo Olympics next year.


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