Nargis saris: Sunil Dutt, who used to give gifts, did not wear saris, Nargis never liked the color, sometimes the pattern but kept it.

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12 minutes ago

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Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s love story is still in our hearts-o-minds. Sunil loved his wife very much and took care that he would fulfill her every wish. And keep them happy. Mother India actress Nargis loved wearing saris, which is why whenever she went on shooting, Sunil kept giving her different types of saris. Even though Nargis was happy with these gifts of Sunil but Nargis never wore those sarees.

One day Sunil asked the reason
The story is about the time when Nargis was getting ready to go to a party. Sunil Dutt, seeing them, asked that he did not wear any of the hundreds of saris that he had brought. Sunil was surprised when Nargis explained the real reason behind not wearing any of those sarees.

Nargis has kept her speech – every gift
Nargis said that she does not like the saris brought by Sunil. Many times she did not like the color, and sometimes she did not like the pattern of the sarees. Nevertheless, Nargis praised the hundreds of saris she received as gifts from her husband. When Sunil came to know about this, he was a bit disappointed. Who will not. But Nargis told her that even though she has not worn any of them, she has kept all the sarees very well. Sunil Dutt was very sad at first but later laughed thinking that at least he has kept all the gifts.

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