Nargis’s 40th Death Anniversary: ​​When Sunil was preoccupied with Dutt’s proposal, Nargis left without answering, but then both of them got married

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Nargis Dutt, the mother of Sanjay Dutt and famous actress of yesteryear, was born on 1 June 1929 in Kolkata. He has his 40th death anniversary on 3 May. He died of cancer on 3 May 1981. She was the mother of Sanjay Dutt and the wife of late actor Sunil Dutt. Nargis’s love story with Sunil Dutt is very interesting. Both played the mother-son role in the 1957 film Mother India. Later in real life, they became husband and wife. The special thing is that Nargis used to call Sunil by her onscreen name (Birju) in Mother India.

Sunil Dutt was impressed by this talk of Nargis

Sunil Dutt once said in an interview, “Once I was sitting in the studio with my sister and her two children. My sister had a lump in the throat. Since I was in Mumbai at the time, Struggle Was, so did not know any big doctor. When Nargis came to the studio. She called me. She used to call me Birju. I was in a very serious mood at that time. She asked- What is the matter. I told them all. Told the matter and said, ‘My sister has a problem, but I do not know any doctor here. “

“After this, when I reached home late at night, the sister told me, ‘Tomorrow morning I am going to the hospital, I will have my operation there.’ I was surprised to hear this. I asked who was going to the hospital, so she said, ‘Nargis. She had brought the doctor, I will have my operation tomorrow morning after the check-up.’ In this way Nargisji solved such a big problem in my jokes without telling me. Since then she had settled in my heart. I started feeling that the kind of partner I wanted, Nargis ji was the same. “

Propose in the car

Sunil further told in the interview, “One day she came to me and when she started going, I said – ‘Let me leave you home.’ After this we reached Balkeshwar Road via Fiat car via Nepean Sea Road. Then I gathered enough courage to tell him- ‘I want to tell you something.’ She said- ‘Yes tell Birju.’ I told him directly – ‘Will you marry me?’ After this there was silence in the car. After a while she came home and she left without answering. After that I started thinking that if Nargis ji said no, I will leave the film industry and go to my village and do farming. “

According to Sunil Dutt, “Once in a while I reached home, my sister was smiling. I asked her what happened, then she said in Punjabi – ‘Paji, why did you hide from me.’ I said- ‘Why, what did I hide from you?’ On this, she said – ‘Nargis ji has agreed’. I said- ‘What have you agreed?’ She said – now you just shut up, you have agreed to what you said. “

Nargis and Sunil Dutt were married on 11 March 1958. They had three children (Sanjay, Namrata and Priya Dutt). Nargis died of cancer on May 3, 1981, 4 days before the release of son Sanjay Dutt’s debut film Rocky.

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