National Mathematics Day: If you are knowledgeable in maths, then you can make a great career in these 5 fields, you will get a lot of respect with high salary

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  • If You Are Knowledgeable In Maths, Then Make A Career In These 5 Fields, You Will Get A Lot Of Respect With Money

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Many students get bored as soon as they take the name of Maths, while in many minutes they also solve difficult questions. If you want to master this subject, then there are many career options available for this. You can prepare for them by passing 12th class. Mathematics is taught in many institutions of the country. Here you get an opportunity to choose B.Sc degree or Integrated MSc degree or BS degree or Integrated MS degree. Today, on the occasion of Mathematics Day, you should also know about some career options related to this subject, which will not only bring you good salary but also respect.


An economist analyzes and evaluates economic trends. Issues forecasts about the future. It collects data on various subjects like inflation, taxes, interest rate, level of employment etc. Researches and analyzes it. To become an economist, the subject of mathematics is considered necessary. To become an economist, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in economics and have a good grasp of mathematics. After this one should have a post graduate degree in Economics, Ecometrics, Applied Economics.

software engineer

The foundation of the career of software engineering students starts with the knowledge of mathematics. The job of software engineers is to design and develop software. In this work, students have to use the theory and principles of maths along with computer science. There are very good options available for expert students in this field and in the next 10 years, there is going to be a lot of potential in this field, which will prove to be helpful in making the career of the students bright.

Chartered accountant

The first rule of becoming a Chartered Accountant is to be proficient in Mathematics. Because the entire work of a Chartered Accountant ie CA is related to accounting, auditing and taxation. Due to the rapid growth in the economy, a lot of career scopes are being added in the fields related to finance and accounts, which is a good career option for students interested in mathematics.

operations research analyst

The work related to it is understood as a branch of applied mathematics and formal science. It uses modern logical methods such as statistical analysis and mathematical optimization. Operation Research Analyst, with the help of these modern methods, provides suggestions to the manager to take the right decisions and solve the problems.


If you have good grip in maths then you can also try for the profiles of Accountant, Customer Service, Front Desk, Cash Handling, Account Opening, Current Account, Saving Account, Loan Processing Officer, Sales Executive, Recovery Officer in Banking Sector. can make. It is necessary to have mathematical skills in all of these.

You will get the best job opportunities here

Financial services companies, research labs of multinational companies and other companies are increasingly recruiting Indian mathematicians. There are good job opportunities in these companies for the students who are fully trained in Mathematics. Companies like Google, IBM, Facebook and Microsoft are known to hire mathematicians and computer scientists.

Top Institutes for Bachelor’s Degree in Maths

  • Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Bangalore : From here you can get B.Maths degree. For admission in this institute, one has to first pass the screening test.
  • Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Chennai: From CMI you can get a B.Sc degree in Maths and Computer Science. This institute gives admission after successful in the written examination.

Top Institutes for Masters Degree in Maths

Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Chennai: Admission test is conducted here in the last days of May.

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi : Here also admission is done through Admission Test.

University of Hyderabad: Admission is done here through written test and interview. You can do MSc-PhD from here.

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai : Institute of Mathematical Science (IMSc)

Chennai : Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad

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