Nationwide Chakka Jam: Congress support to the peasant movement; A quarter of an hour’s traffic jammed in Ajmer, police diverted traffic

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Ajmer14 minutes ago

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Jam on ambedkar circle

  • Police and roadways management was also alert in Ajmer

The Ajmer Congress has also supported the chakka jam on behalf of farmers as part of the ongoing agitation to repeal the agricultural laws made by the central government. Block Ambedkar Circle on behalf of Ajmer city congress. Meanwhile, the police diverted the vehicles after a queue of vehicles. The route opened after about twenty-five hours of symbolic jam. Roadways management was also on alert and stopped buses at depots and stands.

The city Congress Committee protested by jamming Ambedkar Circle in Ajmer city at around 12.30 pm. Outgoing District President Vijay Jain, Dr. Srigopal Baheti, Rajkumar Jaipal, Insaaf Ali, Mahendra Singh Ralavata, Gajendrasingh Ralavata, Sheba Khan etc. were present during this period. There was a queue of vehicles during the jam. Police diverted the vehicles. After about twenty five hours, the Congressmen opened the jam.

During this, the Congressmen said that for many days, lakhs of farmers of the country have been agitating in a peaceful and Gandhian manner against the three anti-farmer laws of the Central Government and are demonstrating country wide. This movement is a struggle to save the present and future of the Annadata of the country. The Modi government is hatching the conspiracies to discredit this movement and hurt the sentiments of farmers by abusing arrogance and power.

He said that the Congress party has been in the forefront in support of farmers and farmers’ organizations since day one and the Congress Party has consistently demanded from this central government that this government abandon its arrogance and prejudice in favor of the farmers. Conform to the demands of the farmers in the manner and repeal these three black laws.

Similarly, on the Ajmer highway, Jaipur, the block was blocked by the District District Congress Committee near Akashvani. During this time, there was a queue of vehicles. Police Jabta was also present on the highway.

Roadways management also alerts in Ajmer

Roadways management was also alert about the blockade jam being done at the call of the farmers. Ajmer manager Trilok Vaishnav told that instructions have been given to all the on-route bus drivers that whenever the information is received that the highway is jammed, the bus should be stopped at the nearest bus stand or depot. The drivers also cared for it.


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