Naushad’s birthday: When father wanted to do away with music, Naushad left home, slept on pavement in Mumbai and struggled to become ‘Sangeet Samrat’

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Naushad, who adorns music with his talent, has been the most precious gem of Bollywood. He was in love with music since childhood. But due to religious restrictions, his father had given him the option that he would have to give up his ‘love of music’ if he stayed at home. Born on December 25, 1919, Naushad took music lessons from Ustad Gurbat Ali, Ustad Yusuf Ali, Ustad Babban Saheb.

Came to Mumbai at the age of 19

In 1937, Naushad ran away from home and went to Mumbai. After coming to Mumbai, he stayed for a few days with an acquaintance, after which he started living in front of the Broadway Theater in Dadar. There came a time in Naushad’s life when he even slept on the pavement. He first assisted music director Ustad Jhande Khan and he used to get a salary of 40 rupees for this job.

He loved cinema from the time of silent films. Soon after working with a few directors, he got his first film ‘Prem Nagar’ in 1940 as the lead composer. After some time, his house became frequent and frequent, but his father was angry that he did music related work.

Family members made tailors for marriage

When the family members wanted to get her married, the family did not want to tell the girl’s family that their son is a musician in Mumbai. At that time working in films was considered bad. On top of that his family was even more against it because of religious customs. That’s why he told that Naushad works as a tailor and he did not even protest.

When their wedding procession started going, the band members were playing the tunes of songs from their own film ‘Ratan’. It is said that his father-in-law and father were cursing the musician about what kind of music is given in films. But Naushad could not even say that he had composed this music. ,

Music given in these films

Naushad did ‘Kohinoor’ (1960), ‘Ganga-Jamuna’ (1961), ‘Son of India’ (1962), ‘Leader’ (1964), ‘Dil Diya Dard Liya’ (1965), ‘Pakeezah’ (1971) He composed music for several films including ‘Teri Payal Mere Geet’ (1989). He last composed music in the 2005 film ‘Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story’. He also composed music for BR Chopra’s film ‘Hubba Khatoon’, although the film never got released.

He loved to experiment in music. He used classical ragas in the 1952 film Baiju Bawra. He won his first Filmfare Award for Best Music Director in 1954 for music.

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