Nawazuddin Siddiqui Says ‘It’s Good Thing to Fall In Love’ Amid Separation, REVEALS ‘I’m Romantic’ | Exclusive

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was recently seen in a romantic comedy titled Jogira Sara Ra Ra. (Image: News18)

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s public spat with his estranged wife, producer Aaliya Siddiqui, have been a point of conversation in the press and on social media for a long time now.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui recently had a theatrical release with Jogira Sara Ra Ra, a romantic comedy, which saw him playing a matchmaker helping a girl get rid of her wedding. With the film, he returns to headlining a desi romance a long time after Photograph and Motichoor Chaknachoor (both released in 2019). Over the years, Nawazuddin has been widely praised for his rustic and raw roles but his romantic avatars have also found many fans. Case in point: his unpredictable and borderline quirky chemistry with actor Huma Qureshi in Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 has a fan following of its own.

Nawazuddin may not be an open book when it comes to showcasing the soft romantic boy that resides within him but in a recent chat with News18, he bares it all about life, love and romance. Speaking about how real love stories only take place in tiny towns in heartland India, he tells us, “True romance only happens in small towns. What happens in the name of romance between people in big cities is compromise and adjustment. In small towns, people aren’t scared to open their hearts out to one another because they don’t judge each other.” He candidly adds, “They fall in love without even taking the bank balance of the other person into consideration. Ishq aur pyaar abhi bhi bacha hua hai small towns mein.”

The 49-year-old goes to reveal that he has also been a matchmaker in real life and have helped some of his friends and acquaintances find love. Putting his poetic skills to good use, he often penned love letters on their behalf. “I tried being a matchmaker for my friends. Earlier, we didn’t have mobile phones and we had to send messages through letter writing. A lot of boys would make me write letters to women on behalf of them because I used to write really well. In fact, some of those matches became successful,” he says with a laugh.

So, would he call himself a romantic? “It’s a good thing to love, fall in love, be in love and spread love. Love is very important. I’m a very romantic person. I love my films and a lot of things in life. It’s important to have some bit of romance in our lives. But there’s a dearth of it today,” Nawazuddin states.

On a related note, his public spat with his estranged wife, producer Aaliya Siddiqui, have been a point of conversation in the press and on social media. It began when she accused him of abuse and rape. Later, the actor also claimed that his wife only wants money, a charge denied by Aaliya. She further claimed that he has filed for the custody of their children, Shora and Yaani. In April, the court ordered that their children to return to Dubai to continue with their studies. Aaliya, on the other hand, recently revealed that she has already applied for divorce but the court has asked them us to settle things outside the legal purview.

While Nawazuddin decides to not comment on the consequences of having his personal life and marriage discussed on a public forum, he tells us that he’s is a happier space of mind today. “I’m happy that my children are continuing with their studies and are happy. Nothing makes me more pleased,” remarks the actor, who will soon be seen in films like Tiku Weds Sheru, Saindhav, Noorani Chehra and Haddi.

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