Neha Kakkar shares with Rohan Preet the love of first sight love, Singer’s diamond ring caught everyone’s attention amid wedding news

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  • Neha Kakkar Shares The Love At First Sight Moment With Rohanpreet, Singer’s Diamond Ring Caught Everyone’s Attention Amid Wedding News

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Neha Kakkar is in the news these days due to the news of her relationship and marriage with Rising Star fame Rohan Preet Singh. Meanwhile, now Neha is leaving the marriage hints for the fans constantly, while officiating the relationship with Rohan Preet. Recently Singer has shared the first look of his upcoming song Nehu Da Vyah, which everyone is confused about whether Neha is really getting married or whether the wedding news and social media posts were just a new way to promote the song. Amidst this confusion, now Neha has shared the first sight love picture with Rohan Preet.

Neha recently shared a romantic picture with Rohan Preet from her Instagram account in which the two are posing in each other’s eyes. Sharing it, the singer writes, ‘When we met Rohanpreet. love at the first sight. Nehu da vyah, nehupreet ‘. With this, Neha Kakkar’s diamond ring is also catching everyone’s attention. The actress has also given a hint of engagement to everyone by wearing a ring in a ring finger.

After Neha, Rohan Preet also shared a beautiful picture, writing, ‘Oye, you are mine, only mine. I love you the most Nehu Preet. Nehu da vyah ‘. Neha and Rohan’s song Nehu Da Vyah is soon to be released on October 21. Earlier, both of them were seen together in the song Diamond Da Challa, after which the news of their relationship was in the news.

There are reports that Neha is going to marry singer Rohan Preet in Delhi on October 21, for which cards have also been distributed. Recently on social media, a picture of Neha and Rohan Preet’s family was fiercely viral, seeing that everyone was speculating that Neha and Rohan had been stopped.


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