Neighbors strangled five-year-old girl on the pretext of getting toffee, dead body found in a farm in a naked condition | Neighbor took the five-year-old girl on the pretext of getting toffee; Later murdered by strangulation, body found naked in farm

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  • Neighbors Strangled Five Year Old Girl On The Pretext Of Getting Toffee, Dead Body Found In A Farm In A Naked Condition

Lucknow14 hours ago

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After receiving the body of the girl, family members mourned. It is alleged that a young man from the neighborhood took the girl and killed her on the pretext of giving toffee. Police is interrogating him.

  • Family members allege that the neighbor killed the girl after raping her.
  • Police say that the girl has been killed in a mutual enmity between neighbors for many years.

A five-year-old girl was strangled to death in the Mal police station area of ​​Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. His body was found in a field two kilometers from home. It is being told that there was no cloth on the body of the girl. Police have arrested Rajesh Gautam, a resident of the neighborhood, on suspicion of his family members and villagers. The neighbor had gone away from the house on the pretext of giving toffee to the girl. At the same time, the family members have feared murder after the rape due to lack of clothes on the body of the girl.

According to the information- evacuation worship was being done in Mavai village of Mal police station area of ​​the district on Monday evening. In the evening, Rajesh Gautam, who lives in a nearby neighborhood, went away from there on the pretext of getting toffee to his daughter. After some time, when the girl was not found, the family started getting upset. On inquiry, it was found that the child was seen going with Rajesh, who lives in the neighborhood. After searching for a long time, the child found the dead body in the field near the village of Godhan, two kilometers from the house late at night. The senses of the family were blown away. The villagers informed the police.

Police caught Rajesh on suspicion

SP Rural Aditya, who reached the spot, says that it was suspected by the family and villagers that a man was seen with the girl. Was. Taking immediate action as soon as the police received the information, Rajesh Kumar (35), a person from his village, was taken into police custody and questioned by the police.

Rajesh believed the girl’s mother because of a dispute with his wife

According to SP Rural, during interrogation, Rajesh told that his wife and Rajesh had not been together for many years and she did not live together. Rajesh felt that the mother of the deceased seduced Rajesh’s wife, Rajesh killed the girl. The accused is in police custody and the Panchayatnama has been sent for postmortem and legal action is being taken.


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