Neighbour’s ‘Excuse’ to Stealing Woman’s Furniture from Her Garden Will Leave You Baffled

A woman revealed the saga of her neighbours stealing her furniture over TikTok and recorded the confrontation with him. The clips began with Lia Hatzaki, 29, who goes by @propertycouple on TikTok, recording herself in her garden. โ€œMy neighbours have stolen my garden furniture,โ€ she says before showing her garden table set and panning the camera towards her neighbourโ€™s garden where two similar-looking chairs from the set can be seen.

As the neighbour appeared outdoors, Lia walked over to confront him about this theft. โ€œExcuse me mate, hiya, I noticed that my garden furniture is there, can I have it back? I think someone from your house keeps stealing my garden furniture,โ€ she can be heard saying in the video, reported The Mirror.

Now, the stage was set for a confrontation but what followed was something that Lia did not see coming. As the neighbour slides into the frame, he is shown handing Lia the furniture back from over the fence. Lia offered to let him have some garden furniture that she didnโ€™t mind giving, but the neighbour politely refused. He goes on to claim that the furniture landed up at his premise without his knowledge.

โ€œI woke up one morning and they were outside, and I was shocked myself,โ€ he said.

Lia is left visibly shocked after this claim. The video has racked up over 2.5 million views along with a flood of reactions.

Users expressed shock over how the neighbour could so blatantly steal, something as obvious as furniture.

A user commented, โ€œThis is very unexpected that they just handed it back, people who take things are not normally as accommodating as this, so brilliant with no arguments.โ€

Another user commented, โ€œHow does anyone do that just steal for a neighbour what do they think will happenโ€

While others still applauded Lia for handling the situation in a firm manner while confronting the man politely.

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